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  • Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival Inaugural Event Celebrates Thai American Experience in New York

Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival

Inaugural Event Celebrates Thai American Experience in New York

Photo by: Ryan Teeramate 


With the support of the Royal Thai Consulate General in New York, Gotham Food Network and Singha Beer launched the inaugural Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival, a celebration highlighting Thai food, Thai culture, and the Thai American experience in New York City on August 23 at Espace in Manhattan.

The Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival, the first Thai-themed food festival in the NYC area, seeks to educate New Yorkers about Thailand and Thai culture through a presentation of food from celebrated chefs, including Hong Thaimee of Iron Chef and Ngam Restaurant and renowned Thai chef Pichet Ong. The festival also will feature live traditional Thai music and dance performances, fanciful and delectable food presentations, such as an edible dessert display, and a number of cultural attractions.

“There is so much more to Thai food and culture than is currently known at the moment in the States. With support from our sponsorship partners, the Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival will elevate people’s perception of what it means to be Thai,” said Manus Chaorinuea, founder and CEO of Gotham Food Network.

Pichet Ong, consultant at Qi restaurants, said, “Thai cuisine appeals to many different palates. In the same way, the Thaithentic Food and Culture Festival aims to engage NYC’s diverse residents and present traditional Thai food, art, and music. As a chef and as a Thai American, it is an honor to give New Yorkers an authentic taste of Thailand’s rich culture.”



The event featured more than 30 food and beverage vendors including SriPraPhai restaurant, Jaiya Thai, Pongsri Thai, Rhong Tiam, Spice, Room Service and Zabb Elee, as well as performances by local Thai traditional dancers and musicians.For more information, visit

About Gotham Food Network

Gotham Food Network, Inc., is a New York-based integrated marketing agency specializing in the food and hospitality industries. Gotham Food Network’s mission is to help its clients identify and deliver solutions to address a variety of business challenges by utilizing tailored digital, social and multimedia marketing strategies, and therefore thrive in a highly competitive market. For more information on Gotham Food Network, visit





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