10 Asian Art Galleries and Museums in NYC

10 Asian Art Galleries and Museums in NYC

By Lisa Crawford

With all of the inspiration in New York City, it’s no surprise that our great city attracts some of the best artists from all over the world. And the Asian culture has brought some of the most unique and beautiful pieces to share with us. Here are the top 10 Asian art galleries and museums.

Japan Society– Located in Midtown East, Japan Society will be your answer to all things Japanese culture. Guests rave that “you will find something amazing here.” Some interesting exhibits are the ON Megumi Akiyoshi room and Yoko Ono’s wishing tree. The Japan Society also has free admission on Friday’s between 6-9pm.

333 E 47th St, New York, NY
(212) 832-1155

Rubin Museum of Art– Chelsea’s Rubin Museum of Art specializes in Tibetan pieces and is a unique and fun way to spend a Friday night. They have two for one drinks at the bar downstairs and admission to the museum is free on Fridays as well. It’s a great first date experience.  The intimate gallery is arranged around a stunning spiral staircase, which only adds to the romantic atmosphere.

150 W 17th St, New York, NY
(212) 620-5000
rubin3 rubin2

China Institute– The Upper East Side ‘s China Institute has carried some amazing exhibits since it’s opening in 1926. One of the most popular was the Confucius exhibit celebrating his life and legacy in Art. The China Institute has small exhibit halls that share lessons in history, language and culture. The current exhibition is the Re-creation in Contemporary Chinese Art. You can also take both language and art classes at the China Institute. Sign us up!

125 E 65th St, New York, NY 
(212) 744-8181

The Korea Society – Another Midtown East find is The Korea Society. Here you can find everything from Korean Contemporary Ceramics to Korean Cinema of Today. The Korea Society offers language classes as well as various family programs. If you are looking for an interactive experience, you can take part in their gallery talks, a night where guests come together to discuss the latest exhibit.

950 3rd Ave, New York, NY
(212) 759-7525
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Asia Society and Museum –This modern space on the Upper East Side is a nonprofit educational organization as well as a cultural museum. Inspired by Asian architecture, the Asia society has books, statues, music and clothing. There are also various Buddha’s and other artifacts encased in beautiful glass cases. As one enthusiast said, “it’s more than a museum, it’s a hub of all things Asian.” We couldn’t agree more!

725 Park Ave, New York, NY
(212) 288-6400

Tibet Museum– This peaceful and serene museum in Staten Island will be a surprising escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. This museum is a collection of Jaques Marchais most prized possessions from Tibet. The museums doors opened in the mid 1940’s and has had New Yorkers flock to it ever since. The Tibet Museum will transport you, due to the tranquility of the Tibetan pieces and the calming gardens. Although it may take some time to get to, the Tibet Museum is worth the trip.

338 Lighthouse Ave, Staten Island, NY 
(718) 987-3500

The Noguchi Museum– In Long Island City you will find the stunning Noguchi Museum. You will especially want to visit this time of year so you can experience the gorgeous garden. There are three spaces at the museum: One outdoor area showcases large stone sculptures, another is indoor and has fine stone and drawings, and the third is the garden, which is breathtaking. If you are in the Queens area, The Noguchi Museum should be on your “must see” list.

9-01 33rd Rd, New York, NY
(718) 204-7088
noguchi2 noguchi3

Taipei Cultural Center – Midtown’s Taipei Cultural Center really has it all. From Photo exhibits to Classical Music Concerts, you will find all you are looking for in the Taiwan culture. There is even a ministry of education that has been providing education and information to American individuals and organizations since 1992.  The Taipei Cultural Center will be your one stop shop for all things Taiwan.

1 E 42nd St, New York, NY
(212) 317-7300

Museum of Chinese in America– Located in Chinatown, The Museum of Chinese in America, or MOCA, is a hidden jewel. This museum showcases the contributions that the Chinese have made on New York and America. There have been some very interesting and unique exhibits like the Chinese Food and Menu Exhibit and the Shanghai Glamour Exhibit.  And as a bonus, it’s free on Thursdays. Definitely a reason to come visit!

215 Centre St, New York, NY 
(212) 619-4785

Tibet House – Located near Union Square, the Tibet House is unique in its own right. In addition to having a plethora of books on Tibet’s history, art and culture, it also offers weekly meditation classes. This sanctuary is a great place for those who are interested in the Buddhist culture and want to learn more about it from like-minded peers. The Tibet House has free admission, although a suggested donation is appreciated. If you want to see beautiful jewelry, statues and photographs from the Tibetan culture, be sure to stop by!

22 W 15th St, New York, NY
(212) 807-0563

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