10 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in NYC

10 Best Dim Sum

Restaurants in NYC

By: Lisa Crawford


There is no question that Dim Sum’s popularity has grown at an unbelievable rate over the past 10 years. It seems that every other week a new Dim Sum restaurant opens it’s doors. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the ten best Dim Sum restaurants that you must try in our great city!

1 Pacificana– Brooklyn’s Pacificana has that elegant look of an authentic Chinese restaurant. Couple that with delicious Dim Sum and you have a no brainer for your next meal in Brooklyn. Good variety and great soup dumplings make guests come back again and again. Be sure to try the Peking duck, it is cooked to perfection!

813 55th St
Brooklyn, NY 
(718) 871-2880 

2 Hakkasan –Midtowns Hakkasan is one of the highest rated Dim Sum restaurants in all of New York. And it’s hard to miss with its 80-foot entranceway and elegant décor. Guests have raved about the jasmine tea smoked pork ribs and the duck spring roll. Delicious food and impeccable service to boot? Sign us up!

311 W 43rd St
New York, NY 
(212) 776-1818

3 Red Egg– If you are looking for a funkier dining experience, then look no further than the intersection of Soho and Chinatown. Red Egg’s bright neon sign will get you in the door, but the eclectic atmosphere and inventive Cantonese cuisine will keep you coming back for more. The Peking duck sliders and pork buns are among the favorites of Red Egg’s customers.

202 Centre St
New York, NY 
(212) 966-1123


4 Ping’s Seafood– With two restaurants located in Queens and Chinatown, Chef Chuen Ping Hui has outdone himself with his top quality Dim Sum. He is something of a prodigy and hails from Hong Kong where he brings fresh and delectable flavors to the table. Ping’s has quite a reputation with enthusiastic reviews in big time publications like The New York Times and New York Magazine. The shrimp dumplings are a “must have”. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

22 Mott St
New York, NY 
(212) 602-9988

5 Jing Fong– It doesn’t get much more traditional than Chinatowns Jing Fong. With comfortable furnishings and fresh Dim Sum, get ready for an authentic Hong Kong style meal. Though it looks small from the outside, the restaurant is actually very large. But don’t think that being large means that there won’t be a wait. This place is so popular that you will see quite a crowd for Dim Sum. But Jing Fong’s guests say that it is “totally worth the wait!”

20 Elizabeth St 
New York, NY 
(212) 964-5256

6 Nom Wah Tea Parlor– Known as one of the first Dim Sum restaurants in NYC, Nom Wah opened its doors in 1920. And it has been rocking our fair city ever since! Time Out New York once called Nom Wah the best date spot for Dim Sum in Little Italy. Many of Nom Wah’s returning guests say that you have to try the shrimp and snow pea leaf dumpling and the mouth-watering turnip cake! With longevity like this, they must be doing something right!

13 Doyers St
New York, NY
(212) 962-6047

7 Golden Unicorn – Simple classiness surrounds you as you dine in Manhattan’s Golden Unicorn. This popular restaurant is also known for its quality and consistency. Returning guests talk wildly about their shrimp shumai and egg custard. For an added bonus, the Dim Sum carts list the dishes in English.

18 E Broadway
New York, NY 
(212) 941-0911

8 Asian Jewels Seafood– The bright red and gold atmosphere will welcome you into the large dining area of Asian Jewels Seafood restaurant. Guests give great reviews on the har gow, shiu mai and cherng fun. The food is fresh, tasty and reasonably priced. Next time you are in Flushing, be sure to stop by Asian Jewels Seafood.

13330 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 
(718) 359-8600

9 Dim Sum Go Go– If you are looking for inexpensive, yet scrumptious Dim Sum that you can also take to go, then remember this name: Dim Sum Go Go. Located in Chinatown and very popular among the locals, Dim Sum Go Go is known as one of the best Dim Sum restaurants in the area. According to their regulars, the pork buns and the duck dumplings are “phenomenal.” Sounds good to us!

5 E Broadway
New York, NY 
(212) 732-0796

10 Red Farm– The West Villages’ Red Farm has the vintage and comfortable feel that you would expect with its name. Although it is pricier than most Dim Sum restaurants, the uniqueness of the menu is what makes Red Farm stand apart from the rest. Some must try’s are the Katz pastrami egg rolls and the shu mai shooters. This is the perfect place for your fancier Dim Sum date.

529 Hudson St
New York, NY 
(212) 792-9700