Taiwan Lantern Festival 2015 – Warming Up To The Year of the Sheep

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2015 –

Warming Up To The Year of the Sheep


Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (New York), Nov. 29, 2014 – Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York organized a Taiwan Lantern Festival Expo in preparation for the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2015 in an effort to deepen the overseas Chinese community’s understanding of the world famous Lantern Festival.   It is scheduled to take place from February 27, 2015 to March 15, 2015 in Taichung City.


The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Temples big and small throughout Taiwan are festooned with lanterns and hold festive activities for the occasion. The Taiwan Lantern Festival is the most international event among the annual activities held at this time. It also ranks among the premier events on Taiwan’s tourism calendar and is recommended by the U.S. Discovery Channel as one of the world’s best festivals. The 2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival was joined by Hollywood star Rob Schneider, who praised the event as “more Disney than Disney,” giving the festival’s international brand image a major boost.  The main theme lantern area will be placed at Wuri High Speed  Rail Special Zone: a 20-hectare venue in Taichung City spacious enough to accommodate visitors from across Taiwan and the world. The main theme lantern from the Year of the Ram festival in 2003 (still fully preserved at Taichung Park) will be displayed in tandem with the 2014 lantern, making Taichung the first city to host the festival for the same Chinese zodiac animal twice. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the lanterns and fun in Taichung!


Highlights of the Expo included an introduction to the key aspects of the festival, recommendations for holiday itineraries in Taiwan, lantern riddles and painting, along with performances by representatives from overseas Chinese schools. Pineapple tarts, tea and other Taiwanese delicacies were served. With more than 200 participants, it was a very lively event.

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