11th Annual Taiwan Heritage Night at Citifield

11th Annual Taiwan Heritage Night at Citifield

by Rick Lin


It was a great night for a game at Citi Field out in Flushing on Friday, August 14th.  And one of the reasons it was so great was because it was also the 11th Annual Taiwan Heritage Night.  It was a special night that gave incredible exposure to Taiwan, and all the many reasons to visit this unique island.


Fans attending the game were entertained in front of Citi Field Mets Plaza by the Taiwan Hakka Orchestra, which performed a combination of traditional and modern musical selections.  The orchestra was accompanied by two outstanding vocalists, Xie Qiguo and Wangfeng Zhu, both honored with numerous musical awards in Taiwan.  Prior to the start of the game, the fans were then entertained by Taiwanese rapper, Miss Ko, who sang her famous hit “Slide”, after which she received a thunderous applause from the crowds in the stadium.


Taiwanese mascot “Oh Bear” was on hand, welcoming fans, walking through the stadium, and pausing for photos with enthusiastic fans.

Up on the big screen throughout the evening fans were feeling the excitement of Taiwan as they viewed amazing pictures of the natural beauty, exciting shopping, and cultural offerings of Taiwan.  As the largest major league stadium high-resolution LED screen, the video left clear and lasting impressions of all that Taiwan has to offer.




After Miss Ko threw out the ceremonial first pitch, she was then seen on the big screen alongside the Ambassador of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Mr. Zhang and Taiwan Tourism Director Mr. Thomas Chang.


“Time for Taiwan, Travel to Taiwan Now” was the message of the night.  And along with some great baseball, it was a home-run for not only those at the stadium, but also the thousands of viewers watching from home.