Ice cream, brownies, cookies and treats! All of these remind us of a carefree summer. It’s no surprise that summertime is the time when you let your inhibitions go and give in to delectable confections. Not to worry; Asian Fusion has our top 15 places for you to indulge in your sweet fantasies.




As you walk up to the striped blue and white awning, you may feel like you have been transported back to a soda shop down the shore. The old-fashioned feel of Schmackary’s is what makes it so well loved.  The Funfetti cookie will put you in a giddy summer mood and the Maple Bacon cookie is where salty meets sweet. Are you a fan of Caramel Apple Crisp? How about S’mores with graham cracker crust and toasted marshmallow topping? We are sure Schmackary’s will be your summer sweet spot.

Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West
362 W 45th St
(646) 801-9866

Fong Inn Too 

GDL tofufah soy curd dessert 3

Just what you might expect from a small eatery in Chinatown, but though it may be small, Fong Inn Too is just as mighty as the big guys…in the taste department that is.  Tofu Fa, noodle pieces, Churng Fun and the Turnip Cake or Lo bak go are favorite among guests. You may have just found your new neighborhood dessert café.

Located in Chinatown, at the Civic Center 46 Mott St.
(212) 962-5196


Grace Street


We don’t normally think of our dessert restaurants as being a “cool” place to be, but Grace Street certainly has street cred. Its ultra-hip vibe with exposed brick and interesting lighting make this spot an ideal place for an after dinner sweet treat. The Korean donut and Jasmine Hot Chocolate have been boasted about. And the Ho-Dduk  is a little fried piece of heaven.

Located in Koreatown, at 
17 W 32nd Street.



With an atmosphere just as it sounds, Snowdays is a tiny piece of paradise in the East Village. The creamy pastel walls only inspire your sweet tooth to enjoy a sugary treat. Popular for their shaved iced and color changing spoons, the Yeti Tracks is among the favorite of New Yorkers in the East Village.

241 E 10th St
(212) 982-8881


Two Little Red Hens 


Cozy and charming, this Upper East Side eatery is quite the treat for those looking for…a treat. Cupcakes have gained a lot of popularity lately, but not many places do them as well as Two Little Red Hens. Among the best:  banana, red velvet, and Brooklyn blackout. And if you are a fan of cream cheese frosting, we hear theirs is second to none!

Located in Yorkville on the Upper East Side

1652 2nd Avenue.

(212) 452-0476



Rice to Riches


The futuristic doorway to Rice to Riches should get you excited for what you are about to indulge. Just like its décor, Rice to Riches menu is out of this world. Rice pudding may not be everyone’s number one choice for a dessert, but when you take a look at the amazing flavors offered, you may just change your mind. The Rocky Road  Cheesecake is delectable and the French Toast? Spectacular.

Nolita is located at 37 Spring Street.
(212) 274-0008 

The Chocolate Room


From the outside, it’s a tiny store front, but once inside, the funky exposed brick, inviting wooden bar and the smell of delightful chocolate are sure to get you in the mood for something sweet. Aren’t sure you’re in the chocolate mood? Well, we dare you to try the Chocolate Brownie Sundae with Coffee ice-cream, or the Triple Layer Cake! Like fondue?  The Chocolate Room makes their own marshmallows and pound cake for dipping. Superb!

Located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn at 269 Court St.
(718) 246-2600 




You know that expression, “like a kid in a candy store”? You are sure to feel that way at Laduree. The colors, starting with the mint green entrance way, are so vibrant and delicious looking; you’ll wish you could eat the walls. Known for their assortment of cookies and pastries, there are so many flavors you will become dizzy just thinking about it.  Pistachio, Rose, Caramel with salted butter, Lily, Orange Blossom, Praline, Vanilla Rose, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry or Coffee. You name it, they’ve got it.

On the Upper East Side at 864 Madison Avenue.
(646) 558-3157

Aux Merveilleux De Fred


Quaint, with a lovely French feel is what Aux Merveilleux De Fred will welcome you with. Once inside you will feel transported to another place full of wonder and elegance.  If you like meringues, you will love this spot. One customer says their dessert was, “like biting into a buttery scoop of ice cream, with flakes of white chocolate cookie.” Going to Aux Merveilleux De Fred is like having a piece of Paris right here in NYC.

Located in the West Village
at 37 8th Avenue.
(917) 475-1992

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar


Have you ever wished you could talk to a pastry chef and learn all about how they make those tasty treats? Well, at ChikaLicious, you’ll get that chance. The dessert bar is set up so that you can see the love that goes into every delectable morsel they make. And for a more interesting dessert experience, ChikaLicious offers a prix fixe  menu for only $16. It comes with an amuse, choice of dessert, and petits fours. Parings are available as well. Sugar Panna Cotta with Granny Smith Apple Sorbet is the pairing we suggest. Located in the East Village at 203 E. 10th Street.

(212) 995-9511


Spot Dessert Bar


Charming and cozy, Spot Dessert Bar is an ideal spot to bring your out of town guests. They’ll love the Green Tiramisu, Green Tea Ice Cream, and Green Tea Kit Kat. Are you noticing a theme? If green tea isn’t your cup of tea, the Yuzo Eskimo, Pear Cobbler and the Chocolate Lava Cake are sure to hit the spot. Need we say more?

Located in the East Village at 13 St. Marks Place.
(212) 677-5670


Eileenís Special Cheesecake 

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.31.46 AM

The large blue awning will certainly catch your eye at Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, but once inside, you’ll be entranced at the amazingness that surrounds you. Think of almost any kind of cheesecake you’ve ever wanted to try. Are you thinking strawberry or blueberry? Well, Eileen has it! How about Maple Pecan? Yep. She’s got that one too.  Eileen’s is so good at making her special cheesecakes; they are “just the right amount of sweetness.” We’ll take two!

In Nolita at 17 Cleveland Place.
(212) 966-5585


Kulu Desserts 


The Asian – inspired treats that can be found at Kulu Desserts are so scrumptious that you will be bragging for days about the dessert you just had. Mango Pomelo, Kulu Mix Fruit Special, and Sesame Sweet Ball with Ginger Soup are delightful. As is the Thai Tea, Matcha and Black Sesame Milk Puddings.  You will definitely find something appetizing at Kulu Desserts.

Located in Greenwich Village
at 123 W 3rd Street.
(212) 658-0865


Sweet Revenge


The name is intriguing, but it’s the ambiance of Sweet Revenge that will draw you in. Picture 1920’s soda shop in the middle of a bustling city and you might get close to the allure that Sweet Revenge embodies. Dessert and wine pairings are what they are known for. You’ve got to try the Crimson & Cream, red velvet and raspberry paired with Framboise Lambic. Delish!

In the West Village at 62 Carmine Street.
(212) 242-2240


City Cakes


Are you looking for a place to get the coolest cake in the city? The famous dessert eatery has earned its reputation for making some of the most gorgeous and eclectic cakes in the world.  Maybe you just want a little taste? Well, the salted Caramel Cupcakes and the Amaretto Cupcakes are sure to rock your world. But if it is a celebration you are planning, Chef Benny and Chef Marc are known for making all types of specialty cakes for any occasion.

Located in Chelsea at 251 W 18th Street.
(646) 688-2286