The NY Mets Welcome Taiwan: My Love for Taiwan Never Stops

The NY Mets Welcome Taiwan:

My Love for Taiwan Never Stops


By: Jim Zhou


Former New York Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa loves Taiwan! Guess what he likes best about Taiwan? The food? The culture? The people? The scenic view?

On Tuesday, August 23, at a press event hosted by Taiwan Tourism Bureau to promote Taiwan Heritage Day, Nelson Figueroa showed up at the event, to tell us about the two years he spent playing for the Uni-President there, and how that experience changed his life and family! As he recalled, he tasted some of the best food there, enjoyed hospitality from the locals, the fun night market, teaching people how to eat dumplings properly, introduced his favorite xiaolongbao, as well as other tasty traditional food. He enthusiastically urged his fellow New Yorkers and Americans to visit Taiwan!

As a baseball analyst for SportsNet New York (SNY), Nelson said baseball is truly one of the most popular games in Taiwan as well as in the United States. It has become a part of people’s everyday life.  Taiwan Tourism’s Heritage Day is a great opportunity to promote Taiwanese culture. It is dedicated to promoting travelers from around the world to visit Taiwan.unnamed-1

Asian Fusion had an exclusive look at Nelson’s Taiwan trip!  At the invitation of the Tourism Bureau, he visited Taiwan again last month to produce a series of videos to promote this fantastic city. As he recalled, his love for Taiwan never stops. Nelson told us, “Even now I am back in New York, I still remember my days over there, and it was a really happy time.”

There are ten different series in the video, and in each series, Nelson introduces the viewer to different historical sites, delicious foods, urban life, beautiful beaches, and the wonderful people. Want to see the video? Want to see what is so special about Taiwan?Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the New York Mets will host the 12th Annual Taiwan Heritage Day this Sunday, August 28, at Citi Field when the Mets host the Philadelphia Phillies at 1:10 p.m. Pre-game cultural performances start at noon in the Mets plaza, along with free Taiwanese souvenirs and traditional Taiwanese snacks next to the stage. In addition, a Taiwanese folkgame at Taiwan’s booth will also be presented near the main entrance. For more information about traveling to Taiwan, please go to: