2013 SS New York Fashion Week—The Blonds

( By Blythe Liu)

The Blonds show took place at Milk Studios (part of the MADE Fashion Week).  Many celebrities attended the show including Paris Hilton, Robert Verdi, Amanda Lepore, and Adam Lambert. The guests were all dressed for the thrill with glitz, and sparkle, everywhere! The Blonds’ fashion show is the kind of show everyone wants to be seen at, and wearing nothing but the most ostentatious costumes. It’s really a feast for the eyes. Once the guests walked in, people were hastly taking the pictures.

The bejeweled corset, gem-encrusted, blinged bustiers, and heavy materials, are the part of the signature of the Blonds’ piece. The design duo of The Blonds are Phillipe and David, who have been partners for years. The theme of this last fall show was “Psycho Beach Party.” But don’t be fooled, none of the pieces seems wearable to the beach! These hand-sewn costumes are all custom mad, making them great window displays. Most of the pieces are covered with flowers, lipsticks, stars, and beads. The high light of the show was after the light went out for a couple seconds, the last piece was the most thrilling, a complete jaws bodysuit. Yes, it is completed with sparking teeth jaw from head to toe! As you can see, it’s not easy to walk at all. The show was ended with a big applause.