2014 Eyewear Trends

2014 Eyewear Trends

By Lisa Crawford

Whether it’s a necessity or simply cosmetic, eyewear has never looked so good. And with these top brands, we’ll not only have you seeing better, but looking good while doing it! And lucky for you, all of these trendsetting brands are available at a store near you. Check out Mott Optical Group (http://www.mottoptical.com/) with five convenient locations in the New York area.

Chanel – The name Chanel is often synonymous with style, but this year’s eyewear collection is not only stylish, it also adds a bit of an edge to Chanel’s incredibly classic look. Showcasing the always-sexy Audrey Hepburn large circular shade in various colors is what has us taking notice. And even A-list celebrities have gotten on board. In her recent trip to Los Angeles, Anne Hathaway was seen sporting a gorgeous pair of Chanel frames. With a timeless brand like Chanel, it’s the perfect pair for any occasion.




Ray Ban – Possibly the coolest brand on our list, it’s no wonder Ray Ban is trending. It is hard not to look hip in a wayfarer. Just ask Johnny Depp or Chris Pine. These shades are number one among many celebrities and they have also taken the mainstream world by storm. Just as Ray Ban’s ever popular Aviator took over back in the 80’s…and then again in 2008. It’s pretty obvious why they are one of our top choices in eyewear.



Dior – When it comes to glamour, it’s hard not to say “Dior”. Luckily, we can wear Dior on our eyes. The larger frame coupled with the mysterious cat eye, has got celebrities like Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson walking around quite fashionably. Not only are these sunglasses taking over Hollywood, the optics have both elegance and a touch of funkiness that anyone would want to be caught reading a book in.


Ic! berlin – Although this German eyewear company may not be a household name (yet!), they certainly are finding their way onto the eyes of some very famous people. Ask Brad Pitt and Madonna where they got their latest shades and you might be surprised. Ic! berlin is a family company located in the heart of Berlin and is known for their screw-less glasses. Although they may be new to the fashionable eyewear game, they are becoming quite the contender.

IC Berlin

Alain Mikli– If you are looking for that unique pair of glasses to get you noticed, look no further than Alain Mikli. This French company has become one of the most popular brands this year, due to their ability to stand out from the crowd. And they are not afraid of the attention they are getting. Stars like Elton John and Kanye West love adding these shades as accessories to their eccentric style. Not only are their sunglasses a bit crazy, but their optics even have a bit of an edge. The perfect way to add individuality to any outfit.


Burberry – A brand that needs no introduction, yet holds dear to its British roots, Burberry’s 2014 optic collection is both classic and sexy. From the beautiful lighter colors on their sunglasses, to the gorgeous straight lines on their optics, it’s no wonder celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Hilary Duff choose to adorn these accessories on their pretty, faces. Burberry will always make a statement.



Carrera– Are you looking for something to add a little edge to your look? How about a hint of danger? Grabbing a pair of Carrera’s should do the trick. These frames are not only sexy; they add an element of sportiness to any look. Rihanna and Halle Berry can’t be wrong. These glasses are just “so right”.



Prada– If you are someone who considers yourself a fashionista, then your next purchase better be a pair of Prada sunglasses. The only words to describe them are sophisticated and innovative. Jamie King, Miranda Kerr and Uma Thurman are among a few of the beauties that have been caught wearing this season’s latest trend. And no one can say these ladies aren’t fashionable!




Oliver Peoples – With a unique, yet timeless look, Oliver Peoples optics and shades have gained the attention of A-list stars like Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Alba. The larger frame not only keeps those eyes covered, but also allows for a beautiful accessory to accentuate any look. Not only have the ladies found these glasses to be their best accent, but guys (like Robert Downey Jr.!) are also finding that adding these frames to their wardrobe can do nothing but enhance.


Persol – Talk about a sexy frame! If you have that disheveled, “I just got out of bed and I know I am hot” vibe, then these are so your cup of tea. It’s hard to argue when we’ve seen movie stars like Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, and Orlando Bloom wear these desirable sunglasses on their handsome faces. The famous pair is known as the Persol 714. And if you want to be as alluring as these Adonises, then we suggest you go out and get yourself a pair. Sooner, rather than later!

All photos provided by Mott Optical Group

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