2014 The Taiwan Lantern Festival – Discovery Channel praises the Taiwan Lantern Festival as one of the world’s greatest festivals

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is one of the top three festivals in Taiwan and the first major celebration of the Lunar New Year. The festival is traditionally observed on the 15th day of the first lunar month. During this time, temples across Taiwan are festooned with lanterns and hold festive celebrations. Among the event’s highlights during this period are the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Bombing of the Deity Han Dan Festival in Taitung, Yanshui Beehive Rockets Festival in Tainan and the Taipei Lantern Festival.

In its series “Fantastic Festivals of the World,” the U.S. Discovery Channel praises the Taiwan Lantern Festival as one of the world’s greatest festivals. Organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau since 1990, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has developed over the years into the most internationally promoted event in Taiwan. In 2014, the festival will be held in Nantou County. The Tourism Bureau welcomes locals and international visitors to come and enjoy the beautiful lanterns in Nantou.

Zhongxing Village greets visitors with tree-lined lawns, secluded corners, lush greenery and beautiful scenery. The park in front of the Taiwan Provincial Administration Information Hall is an especially popular weekend and holiday destination for families, who come to enjoy its sweeping green lawns, fly kites, toss Frisbees, blow bubbles and engage in other family activities, adding to the lively fair-like ambiance of the park.
Whether cycling or roaming on foot, Zhongxing Village invites you to enjoy its natural serenity and simple beauty.


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