2017 Taiwan Day at Citifield

2017 Taiwan Day at Citifield


On August 20th, Taiwan Tourism Bureau celebrated the 2017 Taiwan Day at the Mets vs. Marlins game at Citifield. I had the pleasure of attending, joining the crowd in thoroughly enjoying the fun, games, and entertainment…not to mention the weather! It was a gorgeous and sunny day, absolutely perfect for a baseball game. There was an abundance of orange and blue, as fans prepared to cheer for their favorite sports team.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau was proud to be the primary sponsor of this exciting event. As soon as I walked to their booth, I was immediately greeted with friendly faces and smiles. There were samples of delicious Taiwanese food and ice drinks to cool off with in the hot weather. Numerous brochures and colorful pamphlets were distributed throughout the crowds to help promote travel to Taiwan.

Taiwan Tourism hosted many performances, Liu Sheng Ji music group that “showcased the energy and voice of Taiwan,” and the New York Hua Lian Tsu Hui Temple that performed a folk dance known as Santaizi. Both were very entertaining to all the fans in attendance, receiving much applause during their performances.

Once inside Citifield stadium, we were able to go onto the baseball field to promote Taiwan Tourism. Taiwan Tourism Deputy Director General Wayne Liu threw the first pitch to officially start the Mets Game. Prior to the start of the game the Mets organization showed their appreciation to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for their extra efforts and continued partnership in this event.

It was a great day to share the wonder, the beauty, and culture of Taiwan, along with its reputation for being a friendly and welcoming country, with everyone in attendance.

The Miami Marlins ended up winning the game, with a score of 6-4.