By Teresa Koh

Where did 2018 go? We’re pretty sure it was just yesterday we were counting down with champagne glasses in our hands, belting out the words to Auld Lang Sign. As we welcome the new year, we have a chat with expert and designer, Julia De Lucena from Calligaris to share some of her insider tips about interior trends that will inspire and give your home that instant refresh for the new year ahead.


We’ve been seeing this trend for awhile now. Incorporated into many aspects of design, the material stems from nature and the earth, which enables you to bring natural textures into your home. Marble gives off a luxurious and glamourous feel. With the grain of marble set by how the stone is formed, it has a beautifully “imperfect” quality about it says Niki Cheng, owner of Calligaris New York City. Pair your marble pieces with metal accents in gold, rose gold or bronze for that luxurious industrial chic look. Perfect for those who like a touch of glamour.


Soft, luxurious, seductive and richly textured. Velvet is no longer regarded as regal, or old fashion. Instead, this multi-dimensional fabric, while seemingly intimidating, comes in many bright colors and applications taking away the notion of heaviness velvet is known to have. The material’s tactile quality adds a dynamic textural quality to a space and can be easily applied through accent pieces like a sofa, a chair, or simply by adding a velvet throw pillow into the mix.


Too much? Too bright? Too aggressive? Not for 2019! “We like the warmth red can add into a space” says Julia. If you enjoy a bold look, try painting one wall of your home in the striking color. Not only will the richer hue make more muted furnitures pop, it also adds drama to a space giving your home a new layer of context. If you’re afraid your space will end up looking like The House of Horrors, try incorporating the color with subtle pieces like a red rug, a vase, or throw pillows. Perfect for the fall in our opinion!


We’ve seen metals come and go in the last few years. Copper, rosegold, and brass. You name it– it’s been incorporated into lighting fixtures, bathrooms, and even trim. Gold is now having its moment to shine- quite literally. Continuing with the luxe look as seen with velvet and marble, gold adds a crisp layer of sophistication and freshness and can easily be incorporated with accent accessories or finishings. Paired with materials like marble and velvet in jewel tones, gold accents acts almost like jewelry– but for your home.


On the opposite end of the color wheel, green is also another color to take note of in 2019. Coming from the same cool family as blue, the color is refreshing and can be easily incorporated into a home. The best part, you don’t have to change your entire apartment’s décor. Pair it with rich creamy neutrals for the perfect combination of crisp and fresh. Alternatively, throw in some pink, or gold into the mix for an eclectic, refreshing touch. Coming in a spectrum of deep jewel tones to warmer olive shades, there is a perfect shade for just about anyone. Try it in tonal shades for an added dose of visual interest!