By Niki Cheng

Summer is finally here! The perfect time of the year to invite your friends and enjoy a relaxing weekend at home. Before sending out the invitation, let’s look at different ways to refresh your space. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare your home and “Wow” your guests.

1. Let in the blue breeze

Chill your space with some fresh blue color. It can be as simple as adding a cushion, changing the rug, or painting a stripe on the wall. Something as light as a Byzantine Blue to a deeper Dusky Blue will give your space a beach vibe during this hot summer. Blue is also psychologically known to slow down breathing and heart rate. A perfect color to encourage meditation and relaxation! Have your friends loosen up with the blue and make your place memorable.


2. Cork is coming back 

Cork is the latest trend of this year. It had been the hot trend in the 70’s and now, this natural material is making a magnificent comeback. In a large scale, cork can be used as flooring to absorb sound and resist impact. In a smaller scale, it can be used as lighting, waterproof placemats, and many stationary accessories. Decorate your space with cork accessories and introduce your friends to this unique environmentally friendly material!


3. A pop to make eyes stop

Looking for some fun? Add a bold accent color in your space! When else is the best time of the year to brighten up the mood with an exciting bright color? Enjoy this vibrant season; keep yourself energized with a pop of color in the room. Red, Blue, Yellow. Bold primary colors will definitely be the eye catcher.


4. Bring in the outdoors with chic plants

Summer is a break time for everyone. Escape from the city and treat yourself with some refreshing nature. You don’t have to be a florist to create a fancy display of plants. Just choose the right ones! For instance, an orchid can add an elegant touch to any room. Its blooms are colorful and fragrant, adding a soft touch to the space. Succulents are another easy-to-care plants that will make your space more sophisticated. Plants like orchids and succulents reverse carbon dioxide to oxygen, keeping the air fresh. Let your friends know you’re not only stylish but also sensible to good health.


5. White is always right

Home decor can be intimidating at times. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different choices? Then simply go with white! White will allow your space to look more spacious, crisp and clean. It is basic yet a timeless sophisticated way to decorate your space. It’s quite difficult to go wrong with white. Impress your friends with this clean organized look.


Niki Cheng is the co-owner of Calligaris New York along with her husband, Shaokao Cheng.  They opened Calligaris in Soho in 2017. With an architecture and interior design background, she has furnished many homes in NewYork City.  She is a proud mother of a 10-year old girl and a 7-year old boy.
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