5 New Habits to Help You Fall into Autumn

5 New Habits

to Help You Fall into Autumn

By Niki Cheng
Photo by Shahid Hasan


Move over Spring – Fall is the new transitional season! The leaves shouldn’t be the only ones to change! Fall is a great time to start changing your habits and making better choices for your body, your mind and your soul.

Here are 5 healthy new habits you can adopt this Fall:

Get cooking!

The benefits to home cooking are tremendous. Not only will you have more control over what you’re eating (restaurant food is notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar) so you can eat healthier and more nutritious meals, you can also use cooking as a creative source of self-expression! Have fun with colors, textures and plating! Involve family members and children in the process of preparing your meals too. It’s a great bonding experience.  My mother-in-law has always advocated for dining together as a family. She made me realize just how much children can benefit from this habit by providing opportunities to share and discuss the day’s events all while teaching them healthy eating habits they can keep for the rest of their lives!



Do an objective inventory of your belongings and get rid of everything you haven’t used for at least one year. Sell or donate your outdated clothes, accessories and even furniture. Make room for new, beautiful things that you absolutely love. Many people are living in small spaces so make the best out of your restrictions by buying multi-functional furniture like coffee tables that turn into dining tables, or beds with underbed storage built-in! BoConcept stores specialize in transitional, multi-purpose furniture. Just come by one of our stores and ask for a sales rep to help you find the best piece for your home.

Work Out – For Real

Working out shouldn’t have to be a chore. I always recommend people make exercise into a daily routine – like grabbing a morning coffee. In order to be effective, exercise needs to become a part of your lifestyle. Pick a favorite routine – like running, zumba, crossfit or yoga – and commit to doing it every day at a specific time. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll never want to skip it!


4 Go back to basics

We’re constantly glued to our smartphones and laptops. This can cause unnecessary stress and even lead to chronic back and neck pain. Make a habit of breaking with your electronics – a digital detox if you will – for a few hours every day. Have a real conversation with your loved ones. Go out, plant trees with your own hands, bring them inside your home. Finally, get to know your neighborhood more.

Be compassionate

Being helpful to others is rewarding on so many levels. When you are nice to people, they are automatically nice to you. Giving to charity can help strangers in need while improving your own sense of well being. Sometimes sacrificing your time, finances, effort or property in order to help others less fortunate than you can give you a real sense of purpose and satisfaction in life or work. Don’t forget that your donations can be tax deductible and that volunteering can do wonders for your social life!


Niki Cheng

is co-owner of BoConcept New York with her husband, Shaokao Cheng. They started BoConcept New York in 2003. With an architecture and interior design background, she has furnished many homes in New York City. She is the proud mother of a 7-yearold girl and 4-year old boy.