5-Star-Experience in Queens-MoCA

By Alexia Sorich

107-18 70th Rd. Forest Hills NY 11375

(718) 268-3333

Entering through magnificent double doors engraved with etched sea waves you step into what must be the ultimate sanctuary for relaxation, fun and some of the finest and freshest preparation of sushi around. MoCA Asian Bistro defines the lavish cuisine of sushi through its production of marvelous French inspired displays, wondrous aromas and glorified flavor. Utilizing all three senses: sight, smell and taste truly capturing the essence of dinning accomplishing a perfect harmony. With enhancing the quintessential taste of natural raw fresh with spices from around the world, gluttony may become your first sin, although adequately forgiven because of its divinity of flavor providing magical experience of escaping into a true food utopia. Yet, they do not stop there. Using the extremities of decorative cosmology by Yi-Jings’ decor of extraordinary and ancient culture beliefs revealed through design and detail captures the essences of tranquility. Establishing twelve horizontal bars symbolizing the blend of energies from the sky, the earth and the people. The sky and water are brought together by the shiny sequins at the center representing the nature of the sun while reflecting the power of the moon from above with a feng-shui design covered in diamonds at the center. All this indicates an entrance to a dwelling of peace along with service of high level hospitality and respect.

MoCA honors the importance of food by recruiting the remarkable chef form NOBU, Alex Ye, specializing in innovative French and Japanese inspired cuisines, whom also prepares an abundance of fabulous sauces used accent sushi, and other fish. The use of spices brought in from explicit locations throughout Asia, India, Russia Thailand and Mexico provide a paradox of flavor. Knowing healthy inspired food preparation now surrounds itself in our culture, they respect this trend and deliver. With the use of spice rather than salt to bring forth flavor, along with using shake or small amounts of fish oil for their sauce, broth, or glaze and best of all using an alternative for tempura as they steam and poach not deep fire, promoting healthier eating. A difficult task well accomplished at MoCA.

A deliciousness of authentic and modern flavor awaits you with preparations like their Coconut seafood soup. Presented in a freshly carved coconut the sight alone draws you in with curiosity. The aromas identify the fresh flavors of coconut and clam chowder with ingredients including shrimp, whole scallops and fresh clams cooked separately to perfection creating a healthy and fabulous dish while keeping the magnificent savor. A must try is their Charred Grilled Chilean Sea bass; otherwise know as heaven on a plate. Soaked overnight in shake sauce then seared to absolute excellence, flawless to say the least. You automatically close your eyes as the silk textured fish dissolves between your lips and flavors penetrate your mouth while you indulge. This dish is also accompanied by tempura sweet potatoes another delightful flare. Creative artist displays for the sushi are astounding. If you have the time you must try all varieties of sushi otherwise try their white tuna owing a soft and creamy texture you may order another. With a twist in culture the yellowtail tuna drizzled with small amounts of hot source accommodate with the perfect sliver of holopono peppers, a slight hotness to freshly chilled sushi becomes a must on the menu. For you tempura lovers anything in this region on their menu will be to die for. Cooking poached style keeps the true flavor of the fish or veggies giving a flaky soft crunch dissolving in your mouth. With very light and healthy sweet and sour dipping sauce eating tempura never felt so right. A dinning experience of a lifetime ends with treating oneself in an Italian delight of sweetness or a tradition NY style cheesecake and some sake or tea. Do not forget to make a trip to the ladies room with renovations of 100,000 this alone with artifacts flown in from Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Korea etc. gives another reason to visit MoCA Asian Bistro. You leave feeling famished with delight because deliciously healthy and satisfying dishes suite your eating design and knowing a place with such wonder in food exits and guilty pleasure are non-existent.