5th Echo Music & Art Festival

5th Echo Music & Art Festival

By Geoff Yen

Photographys by Geoff Yen ( geoffyenphoto.com )

       If the performers at the Echo Music Festival are any indication, Asian musicians are doing very well in New York City. The show took place on 12/21 at the DCTV building in Lower Manhattan to a packed crowd. The performers included Poetica, Dissonant Theory, Mr. Cake, Black Lotus, Reonda, Mara Measor, Tangerine On Fire, The Underground Channel, and Late Cambrian, who headlined the show. Their music ranged from slow, soulful melodies to indie and classic rock to I’m-not-quite-sure-what-I’m-listening-to-but-I-like-it. The 6+ hours of music kept everyone excited and entertained throughout the evening. Indeed, the future of Asian music in NYC is looking bright.

       Echo music festival is one of the most influential asian music & art festival i n New York. This year, we are featuring 8 amazing bands including extremely talented singer-songwriter Mara Measor from Hong Kong, and Late Cambrian returning to our sacred grounds to headline the Festival. 6+ hours of nonstop music & art exhibition in reflection of “noise” to celebrate the 5th anniversary. Join us and let’s make some noise!

Tangerine On Fire-18 Tangerine On Fire-4 Reonda-4 Reonda-1 Poetica-9 Poetica-4 Mr. Cake-4 Mr. Cake-3 Mara Measor-13 Mara Measor-4 Dissonant Theory-19 Dissonant Theory-13 Black Lotus-17