A Bright Photographer- Scott Joonhyuk Jung

(By Blythe Liu)

On a nice afternoon, I interviewed a young and bright photographer—Scott Joonhyuk Jung, at a Thai restaurant, for an Asian Fusion exclusive. Although we had never met before, he was easy recognizable from the crowded, dressed as a fashion insider, with his sleek minimalist all black look, and artistic hair style. As we chatted over the meal, he began talk about his background, and what led him to pursue a career in the photography industry.

Jung was born, and raised in South Korea. As a college student, he majored in automobile engineering, however he later joined the army. Two years passed, he realized that his interest was not in engineering, but in fashion photography. In 2005, Scott started working on-line for Esquire Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar, working as a special events photographer. One year later, Jung decided to move to Australia to study English, while continuing to pursue his dream of being a fashion photographer. Since then, he has covered not just fashion shows, but has dabbled in editorial work as well, working with such high profile clients as Samsung, Dunkin Donuts, and Alliance Insurance on commercial work. He had finally turned what was once a hobby, and passion, into a career. But the road to success was long and winded before that; Jung worked tirelessly to gain more experience. Jung worked for a modeling agency, and shoots TV commercials in order to improve his portfolio. 2010 marked a great year for Jung, for he opened his own modeling agency, S Modeling Agency, in Sydney. There, he was in charge of casting, styling and shooting the models- doing as many as 200 casting in just one day!

After four years of living in Australia, Jung returned to South Korea. But, his six-month stint there was short lived. As soon as the shooting of the film Hindsight was completed, he decided that venturing to America would open a lot of doors for him. Jung’s first stop in America was San Francisco, where he studied at Academy of Art University for one year and half. After a visit to New York last winter, he made New York his permanent home. He, like many before him, found the city lights inspiring, and the city full of opportunities. He is pursuing his bachelor degree at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) right now, while also working part time with Psy, the Gangnam Style singer, as his go-to photographer.

Recently, Scott Joonhyuk Jung won 11 out of 12 awards, after submitted 12 very special images for the International Photography Awards (IPA). One of his biggest wins of the night was the Advertising and Beauty award. His photographs are unique in that they are many-sided, one is easily affected by the movement, the light, the shade, and the concept of the photo. It seems every picture has its own life, all delivering some message to you. “I just enjoy shooting people,” he says. Jung just finished a group exhibition a few months ago in Chelsea. Asian Fusion is looking forward to seeing more of his amazing work.