A kiss from space: Dance for Joy

A kiss from space: Dance for Joy

By Jim Yuan Zhou

Ryan Kenner Photography

Ballroom is a place of joy, like Tiffany’s, nothing bad could happen to you here. Hosted by Greater New York Chapter of USA Dance, the Manhattan Amateur Classic, also known as The MAC, is back for another great event. The competition ran from Friday, January 17th to January 19th. As one of the largest amateur ballroom dance competitions in the country, over 1000 dancers from all age groups from all over the country, travel to New York City to compete in the 3-day dancing competition.

Competitors come from a wide range of occupations, including doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, teachers, people who work for restaurants and even nuclear scientists! But for one night, they all share one occupation: Dancer! Not only from different social backgrounds, dancers also range from the youngest in the pre-teen category to some of the most experienced in the senior category (age 35 and above). They danced a variety of forms, including traditional ballroom dancing, cha-cha, waltz, tango, rumba, samba, foxtrot, and more.


Dancing gives one a new dimension of feeling connected to yourself and the outside world. It can be as fun as “Singing in the Rain” or as romantic as the “Silver Linings Playbook”. It is a great way to release inherent energy and just let the fluidity of motion lead your direction in the space; your brain will think nothing but enjoy the touch from the space. Without a doubt, ballroom dancing can bring people utter joy and suddenly become a happy person.

It is evident that dancing teaches people how to concentrate, how to listen to the melody, it makes one aware of one’s own manners when coordinating with the music and your dancing partner. More importantly, boys and girls who are exposed to ballroom dancing early in life find themselves becoming the best they can be as a gentleman or a fine lady, after all, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet met in a 19th century English Ballroom! Thus, Ballroom dancing brings together people from all cross classes and breaks social rules that govern our society.

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With 160 local chapters, USA Dance represents all social and recreational ballroom and Latin dancers throughout the world, Check them out at: www.usadance.org! Now get off your couch and go to a local dancing studio or USA Dance chapter!