A Run-in with the Infamous Andy Wong – Owner of EROS Hairstyling

(By Yilin Hsu)
On a recent trip to Taipei, I had the good fortune of running into Andy Wang, one of my favorite celebrity Asian hair designers. In the brief time that we had in each other’s presence, I was able to ask him a few questions.

– Hey Andy, how are things going in the stylist industry?
“Wow…things are changing…and growing quite a bit. In the past, the focus was more limited to hair and hair styling. Today the industry is growing and offerings need to reflect – and in a sense drive – current trends on fashion, design, and a sense of place. The designer is at the center of a changing landscape but must find their place and connect to others to be successful. I think this is really important and hopefully reflected in EROS.”

– How have these changes impacted business?
“I dreamed from the start that I would be able to expand the business and I’ve been incredibly blessed to have a salon in Hong Kong and be able to open the new EROS location in Taiwan. I’m incredibly grateful for the support and continue to do what I love. I think the passion for what we do pushes innovation at EROS and helps us stand out across the world. I hope to bring this spirit of innovation to the U.S. to set an example.”

– With the expansion and changing market landscape…have you faced any big challenges?
“Of course, there are always challenges but I love to overcome obstacles and you need this quality to be successful. I’ve learned a lot about how to not only love the work, but manage and operate a business successfully”.

– Do you have any goals for next year?
“I hope I can continue to develop EROS training materials and be able to open an EROS institute to help others build skills and inspire their creativity”.

Store website: http://www.eros-hair-styling.com.tw/index.htm