A sensation in Union Square: Jebon Noodle and Slider

By Sanique Lim

You and I would probably share the same feeling if we visited the new Jebon Noodle and Slider: we’d have no idea when to leave the restaurant after our meal. Delighted with the restaurant’s great service and the friendly staff, combined with Jebon’s new menu, you’ll come here with friends for a fun night combined with excellent food.

Located on Third Ave. between E. 16th and E. 17th, and just a few blocks away from Union Square, Jebon Noodle and Slider provides a simple, yet delicious menu with prices to match. Jebon is ideal for a quick meal and beer, or a relaxing time away from home during the hot summer. While most people are obsessed with Korean Kimchi (like me), Jebon Noodle and Slider proudly presents its new menu with innovative selections. First, there’s the grilled beef slider along with genuine Korean Kimchi, served on crunchy fresh-baked brioche bread. Tender and juicy, this beef burger and kimchi combination will quickly become one of, if not the most-requested menu item. The Crunchy Curry Slider is another notable menu item found at Jebon Noodle and Slider. Served with a fresh juicy beef burger along with tempura crunch, and topped with its homemade curry sauce, this slider will probably grab the attention of the next table because of its delicious “crunch”. The mini burger menu also includes a Jebon Slider with a special slow-cooked porkbelly topped with jalapeno mayo sauce, offering an innovative fusion taste to its customers. There’s also the American Beef Slider with American Cheese, the Short Rib Slider, and the Grilled Chicken Slider. And it only costs from $3- $4 in order to make your tongue tangle with all this fusion innovation.

If a meatless meal is to your liking, be sure to see the vegetarian menu options which are conveniently found with a green-colored font.
Selections include a Fried Vegetable Spring Roll, Vegetable Tempura, and Vegetarian’s Delight Ramen, a combination of mixed vegetables with tofu served in a homemade, light vegetable broth.

Appetizers at Jebon Noodle and Slider include Kichinabe -Japanese Style Pan-Fried Dumplings- which you will find is astonishingly mouth-watering. Jebon’s in-house modern kitchen skills and tools, ensure the crispiness of the dumpling skin on every corner and surface. The Old Bay Garlic Fries, seasoned with special Old Bay seasoning is one of the best appetizers to start off your meal, accompanied with a bottle of Singha beer. This is also the best option to choose for an appetizer for two or more people.

In the heat of summer, after hanging out with friends in nearby Union Square Park, be sure to delight and cool off with Jebon’s Creme Brulee. The richness of the custard collaborating with the contrasting and perfectly burnt hard layer of caramel, is the perfect dessert to help relax and cool you down after some fun in the city sun. Jebon also offers a Delivery and Catering Service. Be sure to check out their website at http://www.jebonus.com/ for further information.


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