A shop of small treasures- JEANBERRY

(By Helen Yan)

When you step inside Jean Berry, the newly-opened gift shop in College Point, Queens, you will immediately feel a combination of ‘Wow!’ and ‘Sparkle!’ It is truly a beautiful gem in the area. Once inside the store, you will be amazed by the many creative, adorable and interesting products on display. There are many product lines with a variety of price ranges to satisfy different ages, tastes and desires. The merchandise is not only functional, but also unique and visually appealing.
JeanBerry offers a diverse assortment of accessories, designer bags, jewelry, toys, household items, luxury soaps and small electronics. Most notable are the colorful and beautifully designed umbrellas. It’s a great place to start your holiday shopping, or to treat yourself to a little something special. The brands carried are from all over world, including Asia, Europe and the USA. JeanBerry is truly an upscale fusion retailer.
Jean Huang, originally from Taiwan, is the owner of the store, and was formerly a leading technology provider of computing, hardware and software solutions in the New York metropolitan region. On her previous career path, technology clearly dominated her life. After several years in the engineering and technology field, she decided to transfer her lifestyle to a different venue by opening and managing an adorable retail shop which would reflect her interest in creative taste and good style.
When she was just a young child, she was diagnosed as a hyperactive child. With an optimistic mind, she regards it as a gift. Perhaps due to this kind of personality, Ms. Huang has a wide range of interests, and loves to explore and learn new things, particularly in regards to art and design. JeanBerry Gift Shop is like her paradise to make her art dream come true. She hopes that her store can bring joy and fun to everyone.
In the near future JeanBerry shoppers will be able to shop on-line, as they plan to create a website just as exciting as the store itself.
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Here are some more of the amazing products found at JeanBerry: Pocket Bottles, Momiji, Brewster Home Fashions, Chang Yi Fang: Taiwan Puppet and Pattern Creations,Vista Umbrellas, Made by Human, and Lavishy.
Look no further than JeanBerry to get the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones. If you desire something practical and affordable, you will be surprised at what JeanBerry offers . It will surely be a pleasant surprise!

Store info:

JeanBerry Gift Shop
20-07 127 St Ste G32, New York, NY 11356
Neighborhood: College Point
(718) 886-9800
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 am – 8:30 pm