A-Sun Wu World Traveler & Artist

07by: Winson Chang
At the exhibition “Legends of South Pacific” in New York City, I was very impressed by all the amazing artwork. Artwork that included paintings, sculptures and ceramics. It was when I saw the interesting and friendly Chinese characters on the woodwork, that I became eager to meet the artist. It was then after our brief conversation that I knew I must interview and get to know this very talented Paris and Taipei-based Taiwanese artist, A-Sun Wu.
I had a chance to sit down with him and hear about his amazing personal life experiences. A-Sun Wu is a very humble and respectful person. Leaving behind any considerations of fame or money, Wu found the essence of freedom in a life of artistic inspiration. He was born into a poor family and grew up in the countryside in Taiwan, and enjoyed playing with nature since childhood. He told me, “Nowadays we are surrounded by technology, which is a loss of humanity, so I wanted my work to be about the inner energy of life and return to nature.” And we can see that from his works that rocks, wood and other natural materials are A-Sun’s favorite materials to work with when creating his artworks.
Wu’s devotion to painting started as something of a coincidence. Interestingly, this renowned artist was really bad at painting, starting out with drawing in the beginning. It was
his high school teacher, Chen Ching-hui, who first noticed Wu’s sensational talent and was willing to cultivate and nourish him. Thus began A-Sun Wu’s life of artistic exploration.
“I thought I had to go to a place where I could be close to nature, so I needed to go out to explore the world” said Wu. He took several years to journey deep into every continent. These journeys took Wu to Amazonia, Africa, Papua Guinea, and the Pacific Islands. Where he immersed himself into primitive cultures. Through his contact with Aboriginal people and their art expressions, A-Sun developed a genuine desire to create primitive art. Every trip stimulated his creativity and he recorded what he saw in his diaries. He then used these experiences to refresh his inspiration of creation. Wu said he has gained endless inspiration from the trips he took around the world.
This artist and world traveler is not yet done, because he will never stop. I believe if there were a new continent out there, A-Sun Wu would definitely be there to experience it.