A Vivid Jump from Paper

 A Vivid Jump from Paper


 (By Yao Ching Yang)

“Life does not need to be that serious. People are born to have fun!”

JumpFromPaper stands for a passion to make laughs. We start from making fun of ourselves, and go on to making things amusing and entertaining. Filled with all sorts of quaint fantasy, the designer duo Chay Su and Rika Lin are always engaged in hunting for new possibilities in life, employing design as the medium to realize their crazy imagination into reality.

JumpFromPaper’s unusual and funky exterior confuses and pleases people, while at the same time its inner advocates an outside-the-box, imagination-has-no-boundaries philosophy. JumpFromPaper is a medium for people to discover their whimsical personality, and for their imagination to go wild. It is great to sometimes change a way of thinking, subvert the traditional logic and make life more fascinating. Life is too short to go around being boring all day.

JumpFromPaper explores the combination of fashion and fun. It challenges our visual experience with its tricky 2D appearances and hand-drawn designs. Every detail reveals the boldness and creativity of the designer duo. The collection not only serves as a perfect expression of individualism and uniqueness, it also speaks the philosophy of the brand, “born to enjoy life!”

Asian Fusion caught up with the design team.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: “Hi, we are Chay Su and Rika Lin from Taiwan. We both majored in communication design in college, and love hunting for new possibilities in life. We are constantly employing design as the medium to realize our crazy imagination into realness.”

Q: How did it begin?

A: “One afternoon, wandering around the city, we were looking at the window displays of different stores, and started imagining, ‘if only we could create our own bags which are beautiful and yet in our style.’ With that in mind, we started sketching and suddenly an idea came about. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if 2D illustrations could turn into real bags?’ We decided to render “perspective” in our handbag design, and then JumpFromPaper came alive.”

Q: What’s the inspiration?

A: “Everything, anything can be inspirational! We love cartoons, comic books, animations, and comedy manga, such as Super Radical Gag Family. These are all very popular in Asia and are all part of our inspirations for JumpFromPaper. While our cultural origin is not apparent on the bags, our mindsets and design concepts are often influenced by the local cultures. Taiwan is a small island where people embrace diversified cultures. All of these are interactive and help shape up our design.”

For more information, visit www.jumpfrompaper.com

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