Afternoon Tea Blossoms in the Garden of Rose House

Afternoon Tea Blossoms in the Garden of

Rose House

By Rigche Ma


Prince William New copyRose House is dreamy with an ethereal, otherworldly quality.  From the pastel printed wallpaper to the fine china teacups, everything is accented with a rose motif. A gigantic arrangement of at least a hundred single stalks of roses arranged in a perfect orb take the spotlight in the anteroom before immaculately lace-uniformed waitresses show you to a table.  Or perhaps you are seated on a deep red plush settee? You may even be lucky enough to be placed near the faux fireplace where you can lose your gaze in the simulated dancing flames.

The elements that make the Victorian tea parlor, Rose House, special are obvious in both look and feel! Complete with an English garden theme, genteel surroundings, and soft chamber music in the background, it is impossible to not be comforted and relaxed as you prepare for an afternoon tea. Although the beautiful European backdrop affirms the antiquated ambience, the menu looks decidedly modern!

This is exactly where Robert Huang, a Renaissance man of many talents including artist, musician, entrepreneur, and most importantly, the one who conceptualized Rose House wants you: completely taken in by a fairytale-like atmosphere, simultaneously thrilled and enlightened! This heavenly tea house can be found in London, Toronto, Tokyo, and New York. Rose House requires that you navigate with your heart. Because it is the dwelling of Huang’s muse – the single rose is now exponentially multiplied and watered by an artist’s passion. Rose House is a metaphoric greenhouse that nourishes the spirit as it does the body. Over tea, of course.


Huang’s myriad of roses of his creation, in vivid oils on the walls and on the Ansley tea ware, are all highly acclaimed specimens. Huang’s roses are so well-known that they are collected in over 80 countries. Here, the roses watch over the tearoom guests, as if they were eavesdropping over conversations.


You’ll begin to feel relaxed by just looking at the cream-colored hue of the Rose House menu; a notable array of teas – English Rose, Edinburgh Rose, Mystic Rose Garden …the list goes on. The teas are all picked and chosen in consultation with tea connoisseurs such as Chris Parker from Drake Teas of London, and Anne Scagell of the Great British Afternoon Tea Company. The menu also offers delicate desserts of sweets, scones, and finger sandwiches served on dainty tiers, and full meals with French in their names – foie gras pâté, and crudités, which sound delectable to both the palate and the ears.


Rose House’s specially designed new menu of selected fare includes a choice of Gourmet Charcuterie Spread; with prosciutto salami, boiled ham, Swiss cheese, herb goat cheese, parmesan cheese, gherkins, pickled onions, marinated olives, green grapes and toasted bread chips, Smoked Bacon & Vegetable Quiche, Tomyum Seafood Bisque with Mini Crab Sandwich, Roasted Beet Salad, and even an Organic Kale Salad; consisting of leafy fresh kale, onion, diced tomato, toasted almond, and grain mustard dressing.  A simple, yet varied selection for a place thematically so strong in its interior decor.

The rationale is simple; the romance and sentimentality of being surrounded by an overdose of rose is so that you will open up and blossom to the idea of exploring new ideas. Stop and smell the roses, discover new things and enjoy.


“We want to introduce new tastes to people who visit us,” said Gu, long-time manager at Rose House, who points out that the guests at Rose House come from diverse backgrounds to enjoy the soothing, yet sophisticated setting, without being uptight.  A perfect place for catching up with friends, family bonding between generations, and business meetings. There are even private rooms for an intimate date or a small party to celebrate a special occasion! The playful touch of mystery and hint of rendezvous is unmistakable.  Truly poised for romance and love affairs. “Oh, we wouldn’t know,” Gu courteously answered, like a discreet butler with a twinkle in his eye.


Rose House gently shakes you out of your daily humdrum, while it temptingly extends an invitation to partake tea while indulging a delightful sense of merriment.

Rose House is located on 1 FL of Queens Crossing Mall, at 136-17, 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354.
Ph: 718-359-7673