Ajisen Ramen

By Ching Yu Lin

Although one might have difficulty finding a Japanese restaurant in Flushing, Queens Crossing is home to Ajisen Ramen, a famous casual dining franchise selling Japanese ramen noodle soup selections and other Asianstyle dishes. There are over 400 branches, with three locations in the New York City area: Flushing, Chelsea, and Chinatown.

Ajisen Ramen offers 18 different varieties of ramen. One of their more popular dishes is the eel ramen, which has a good-sized piece of eel on top of a slightly spicy broth containing cabbage and a hard-boiled egg. The menu features a picture of almost every dish, which gives you somewhat of an idea of what you can order.

Aside from ramen, they also have fried rice, chicken katsu, beef sukiyaki, as well as a selection of Japanese appetizers, such as dumplings, grilled squid balls (takoyaki), sesame octopus, and much more.