by Sophia Hsu
Photos by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

As the elevator doors open onto the fourth floor of the new City Point Brooklyn, a large Alamo Drafthouse Cinema mural, bright and bold, greets you. City Point Brooklyn is built on the former location of the funky, defunct DeKalb Market, which had been constructed entirely of repurposed shipping containers. The location now houses the perennial tourist-draw Century 21 and provides Target another footprint in Brooklyn among other popular shops.


Before you go, download the Alamo Drafthouse Ticketing App to browse showtimes, read up on film descriptions, and purchase tickets on your mobile device. Sign up for the Victory rewards program to track movie watching history, receive invitations to free movies, and surprise rewards. When you go, the generous doors of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema invite you to step into a unique film viewing experience that combines the glamour of Old Hollywood and today’s technology. Take home a fun little souvenir with a photo as King Kong atop the Empire State Building replete with a blonde Barbie doll for you to grasp in the lobby’s black and white diorama.


If you have a taste for the macabre and are not faint of heart or stomach, arrive early and treat yourself to a vintage cocktail from the 1880s in the House of Wax bar and peruse the museum of anatomical, pathological, and ethnographic waxworks. Ever wondered what Napoleon looked like upon his death? A wax relief of his death mask is just near the entrance of the bar. Curiosity sated. You can even take home a postcard of your favorite nightmare-inducing waxwork. If a cocktail isn’t your thing, choose from the 48 local beers on tap. There are an additional 48 taps available upstairs in the cinema for 96 total and not a single repeat. Most of the objects displayed are the acquisitions of a largely forgotten German exhibition known as Castan’s Panopticum, which was founded in Berlin in 1869 and preceded film. Castan’s was described as an “Allesschau,” a “show of everything” and closed in 1922 due to films putting them out of business. The fully stocked, fully functional bar is a vast venue by Brooklyn standards, complete with a stage and party room for live entertainment such as record release parties. Learn more online about the history of the House of Wax


Time for your film of choice to begin? Move upstairs to one of twelve theaters. Sit down and peruse the menu. For those familiar with Alamo Drafthouse, don’t worry, they kept the queso on the menu. For those who are new to the experience, try the queso. The rest of the menu has been curated and customized to be thoroughly New York. Mark your orders and wedge the card in the little trough at the top of your table. A silent and stealthy server will disappear with your card and return with your order, and you might never notice. Watch the customized PSAs and don’t worry about having to sit through commercials before your feature because there won’t be any. There is curated content before the trailers that will keep you entertained, but it will not contain a single paid advertisement.


You can have a full night on the town with an adult beverage, a trip to the museum, a show, and dinner + a movie all in one, easy-to-get to location. Learn more online about their mission, their vision, and the largest non-profit film archives at While the team is still in training, take advantage of the 15% discount off food and beverages. See you at the movies!