Alax W Diamond


By Cecilia Sha

Alax is an emerging Thai designer residing in New York City. His collection for women is modern, fresh and very wear-able. Alax recently spent some time talking with Asian Fusion Magazine about his exciting world of design. Here are some highlights from that interview.

Q: Could you tell us a little about your background, education, and previous experience?

A: I was born in Southern Thailand, and my love of fashion began at an early age. I started working as a stylist for some of Thailand’s most popular magazines, including Her World, GM and MIX. Shortly after that, I came to the United States and traveled throughout the country in search of inspiration. I headed to New York to study at Parsons The New School For Design for Fashion Design. With an intense aspiration to create my own collection, I apprenticed with designer Karolina Zmarlak and several independent production companies in New York City.

Q: What kind of inspiration spurred you to build the brand?

A: From when I was very young, I didn’t know what I liked, but I loved to go to the magazine store and look at the fashion magazines. I still remember the moment the first time I saw people walk down a runway, and I thought how amazing it would be if I could see people wear my clothes. I think that’s how I was inspired to produce my own clothing line.

Q: How do you describe your brand?

A: The brand is geared to cater to the modern everyday woman. Providing well structured, sophisticated garments that are affordable, comfortable and flattering is the essence of Alax W. Diamond.

Q: What’s your aim for the brand? Your target customer?

A: The aim of the brand is to demonstrate that everyone and anyone can be fashionable. The target audience is women who are in search of outfits that are stylish, practical and flexible.

Q: What’s your brand’s spirit?

A: The brand’s spirit is focused around aesthetically fresh, clean clothes that evoke confidence while maintaining femininity.

Q: Who’s your design inspiration/the muse?

A: What makes me love New York city is everyone has their own style. That’s a huge inspiration to me.

Q: What’s the meaning of fashion to you?

A: Fashion is an attitude. It’s your style. What you decide to wear each day is an expression of who you are. What you want to show the world. To me, fashion is everything and my passion for it is everlasting.