All Eyes On: Fan Bing Bing, Oriental fashion

(By Blythe Liu)

Oriental fashion is much different from Western design. However, it has become more and more popular, and is loved by many designers nowadays. Oriental fashion includes unique traditional prints, elaborate detailed work, luxurious material, and very couture like, in that it may take days to custom make a single piece. Recently, the world has fallen in love with Fan Bingbing, a young Chinese actress, who is making all the right fashion choices. Fan has become a great champion of oriental costume wear. Let’s review some of her amazing oriental fashion look from the past.

On the opening red carpet show of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, Fan Bingbing wore a dragon robe with two leaping dragons, and crashing waves on the hem. This gown is a combination of the traditional Asian embroidery and a contemporary design with padded one-sleeve. She looked sensational and stunning! The Dragon is a symbol of lucky, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. In it, Fan showed Eastern beauty to the world.

Similar as what she did last year, Fan wore a red crane gown on the 64thCannes Film Festival. This red gown is embroidered with nine white cranes and the bow detail on the top edge of the bodice, and also the fitted sheath-shape with the fishtail shaping at the bottom. There are several Chinese elements on the gown. Red usually refers to luck, while the cranes are thought to be the auspicious birds believed to bring both peace, and prosperity.

During Paris Fashion Week, at the Elie Saab fashion show in 2011, Fan Bingbing wowed the world again by wearing an elegant nude dress with a glittering turban and matching cape. Her old hollwood glamour in that piece inspired copycats alike. That same week, at the LV fashion show of Fan Bingbing wore a dark purple Dielianhua pattern damask cheongsam. The cheongsam was embroidered with bright yellow, and light blue flowers, with the long ornate tassels from the flowers, and a high-slit from the waist. This was yet another showstopper. With her retro hair style, she showed the charm of the Shanghai old lady. Fan Bingbing always shocks the world with her fashion feast of Chinese elements and unique aesthetics. Let’s wait and see what surprise she will give us next time!