An Asian State of Mind – The world of Francesco Vincenti

 An Asian State of Mind – The world of Francesco Vincenti


 (By Joe Meny)

Born in Comiso, a small village in the south of Sicily, photographer Francesco Vincenti effortlessly crosses the boundaries between East and West, connecting with Asian beauty and fashion. Here, in his own words, is Francesco’s story.

“From the very beginning I have been growing up and living in a world that revolved around photography that was found in my parent’s studio. As a result, I developed a strong passion for photography, which has grown stronger with each passing day due to my deep dedication and devotion.

I remember when I was four years old, I took my first picture portraying my grand-parents. It was in this special moment that I realized that photography would accompany me during nearly every moment for the rest of my life.

In the years that followed, I found myself studying, refining and intensifying the techniques of this form of art by helping out my father in his daily job as a photographer.

After I finished high school, I decided to move to Milan in order to follow a childhood dream that I have always wanted to make come true: working in the world of fashion.

After having assisted many photographers, I began to experience various collaborations with fashion agencies by carrying out photo shoots for them. I began to start to look at the outside world and everything around me in a different way. This encouraged me to perceive and understand my own idea of photography.

My feelings are that being able to represent and describe something by using a woman’s grace and charm is something that is simply magnificent.

After various jobs for different reviews, I have come across a magazine that is unique with regards to its style. That magazine is Asian Fusion, a journal about the culture and lifestyle found on the Asian continent which has always fascinated me. Besides, it is a part of the world I would like to see one day and where I imagine I would love to live.

I contacted the editor-in-chief, Rick Lin, and proposed an editorial photo shoot which portrays a girl with Asian features in a Chinese restaurant in Milan.

A location perfectly suited to make the girl enter an Asian-centric world and to make her aware of how much she was actually missing her beloved home town which is unfortunately a thousand miles away”.