Angelo Sosa

By Vita Kuo

Angelo Sosa, who is not only an acclaimed chef but also a storyteller of his fusion cuisine, has launched his first book, Flavor Exposed: 100 Global Recipes from Sweet to Salty, Earthy to Spicy, in May 2012. Having trained with Jean- Georges Vongerichten, Angelo Sosa possesses a fascinating blend of a rigorously traditional culinary background paired by a modernist, hipster vision of food’s future, all with an intriguingly sensual Asian spin. So come join us as we follow Chef Sosa and learn the story behind those recipes.

Growing up in a big family, Angelo Sosa spent most of his childhood in his Aunt Carmen’s kitchen. Those tastes, along with her magical cooking, inspired him to pursue a career as a chef. After graduation from the Culinary Institute of America, he worked with legendary chef Jean Georges, who is the pioneer of Asian fusion cuisine. Later, Angelo intensified his passion about Asian flavors by traveling to Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. He was so seduced by those unique Asian spices, herbs and ingredients. “Asian cuisine is very unique. When I traveled around different countries in Asia, I learned not only the recipes of those dishes, but also the culture and history behind them. I think it was the “true fusion” of the cuisine.”

With his first cookbook, Angelo hopes to share his passion with and ignite inspiration of home cooks who want to embark on the culinary adventure of a lifetime. Utilizing his invaluable Flavor Map, Angelo explains the nine core flavor profiles: sweet, salty, smoky,
bitter, sour, umami, spicy, earthy, and nutty. From there, he creates 100 recipes—simple, innovative, and unbelievably accessible to the home cook; such recipes will amaze food lovers with their myriad of flavors and exotic influences. As we do in life, the book begins with “Sweet,” and in this chapter Angelo dishes out his Sweet Tomato Soup with the Curried Whipped Cream and pushes flavor boundaries with the Curried White Chocolate Sauce. He highly recommends this dish and hopes everyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen will enjoy this pleasant soup at home.

Recently, Angelo Sosa revamped the menu of his Midtown restaurant, Social Eatz, to include a more refined menu of Asian-influenced food. Besides the popular product bibimbap burger, he added other Asian style cuisines like homemade ramen, Korean fried chicken, and Asian pickles. Angelo told us he wants to bring Asian flavors to American comfort food and encourages more people to enjoy Asian cuisines, no matter by using his cookbook or eating in his restaurant.