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By Peggy Lin

With an art studio located in Long Island City, Bangladesh artist Anowar Hossain has made his ultimate dream come true: sharing his visions, thoughts and passions through paintings with the world. As we interview Anowar Hossain inside his studio, there lie hundreds of beautiful and creative paintings stored in his studio and several of them dating back to when he opened the studio in 2004. Connected to his studio is his “thinking and inspiration” room, where he also explains to us about the way he feels on one’s perception of what is real and what is not real.

“You have to look beyond the wall that is between you and the subject… most individuals become so constrained to an already formed image in their minds that they cannot seem to get past it”, Anowar Hossain stresses the importance of having the ability to free the mind. From a conservative family background with strict religion practice, Anowar claims that he has developed a rather unique perspective of art, after years of living in the land of freedom and art. “The dreamy looking; I couldn’t see that when I was younger, and now I could feel them”, Anowar further elaborates on his delusional portraits, especially his latest inspiration and pieces of art, nude painting. “There are always something in between the gap of people, that most of the people couldn’t even see throughout their lifetime.”

He believes in having an open mind along with no religious barriers, venturing out to different places and thinking outside the ordinary box plays an essential piece for him. Working as a graphic artist years ago, Hossain always had that unique artistic edge with enormous enthusiasm and commitment. Now, having worked with world renowned fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, Hossain remains humble and has continued to grow as an artist.

Ever since the studio opened, Hossain has been involved in art shows, galleries and the community.

To view some of Anowar Hossain’s artwork, you can grab your family and friends with you to head down to coffeehouse, Espresso 77, located in Jackson Heights. There will also be a biography in the works about Anowar Hossain in the near future, so keep your eyes open. Meanwhile there’s always a piece of advice in the world of art, which is before an artist goes unreachable, be the first few one get to him and pay him a visit, fortune always just happened.


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