Asian Fusion Zooms in on Zang and Zaya

By Vita Kuo

Malaysian born fashion designer, Zang Toi, has something with classic beauty. It is all about an extraordinary taste being glamorous. Six and for the glamorous girls.” The whole collec- half years ago, Zang tion was called “Glamour at Gstaad,” an 18th-century French décor dazzles the whole house and shows his vision of design— classic, glamorous and delicate. Asian Fusion Magazine was honored have the photo shoot for our Spring cover take place at Zang’s apartment. Follow us along and have a once- in-a-lifetime look inside this very special – and beautiful – New York City home!

Zang’s apartment is located on Manhat- tan’s Upper East Side. The interior decor here is quite glamorous and exquisite – just like his sense of style and design. “I decorated the whole apartment by myself,” Zang said proudly. He pointed to several French antiques, which he acquired while shopping in New Orleans, Paris, and of course, New York. Claiming himself to be a homebody, Zang hardly steps out to join the fashion world’s party scene. When he’s off from work, he likes to locate a fine restaurant and dine out with friends. “ I love it here (the Upper East Side). It is a very quiet, residential area. For me, this place has both quality and quantity.” Moreover, even though he is busy everyday, Zang takes charge of managing his own Facebook and Twitter pages. No wonder Zang’s fans love him – he definitely devotes himself to fashion and design as well as sharing his passion with his fans around the world.

Several weeks ago, Zang once again won a standing ovation from the audience and the media at the New York Fashion Show. Having featured an exotic appetite last season, Zang turned back to 1960’s classic beauty and again demonstrated that he knows how to dress the most glamorous women in the world. “For this season I wanted to make something with classic beauty. It is all about being glamorous. Making glamorous clothes for glamorous girls.” The whole collection of “Glamour Gstand” an eloquent and chic city in Switzerland that brought Zang inspiration. Every garment was delicately crafted using only the finest fabrics and materials. His choice of colors included ivory white, classic black, and ruby red. “In this collection, I want to make the runway be very bright and beautiful to surprise the audience”.

On a lovely Sunday at the end of February, it was a great honor for Asian Fusion Magazine to work with the innovative makeup artist, Rudy Miles, the professional hair stylist, Kenjiro Maruyama, and the talented photographer, Anastassios Mentis to shoot our spring cover at Zang’s magnificent apartment. All of these professionals have worked with Zang for a long time. Everyone unanimously agreed that he is such a warm-hearted person who people enjoy working with. Thanks to the perfect teamwork, when the up-and- coming Asian model, Zaya was featured with Zang’s fall collection, her aesthetic presence awed everyone in the room. Born in Mongolia, Zaya is a rising Asian model who moved to New York City one and half years ago. When we asked her what made her choose modeling as her profession, she told us,” it all took coincidence.” However, because of her natural beauty and talent, Zaya looked like she was born to be a model during the photo shoot. “I really like this job; otherwise, I won’t do it and stick to it.” Sometimes, working on Sunday makes you feel terrible, but when you work with so many ingenious people in a dazzling apartment, it becomes so enjoyable – just like watching a fashion show!


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