Asian Fusion

Welcome to New York City–recognized internationally as the food capital of the world! One of the most recent and hottest trends in Asian cooking has been Asian fusion cuisine. Not familiar? Let us help eliminate any confu­sion. Fusion cuisine involves the combina­tion of different forms of cookery, and can result in various interpretations of food from similar, yet different, cooking cultures. The most popular approach is the combining of a region, or sub-region. Into an eating experi­ence that in itself is singular and unique. Asian fusion restaurants are currently popular in many parts of the United States and feature Indian, East Asian, and Southeast Asian dishes alongside one another. Alter­natively, you may also find a wide variety of dishes comprised of combinations of various regional cuisines with new ideas. Another version of fusion cooking is a more inven­tive approach, with original dishes that use a variety of ingredients from different regions and combines them. Fusion restaurants such as this might feature a wide variety of dishes inspired by combinations of regional cooking with new and original ideas. A third version uses foods with a basic ingredient from one cuisine, but uses other elements and flavors found in another cuisine. A recognizable example of this would be “Taco Pizza”. Here you add cheddar and pepper jack cheese, salsa, re-fried beans along with other taco ingredients to fuse together Italian-American and Mexican-American cuisines. Asian fu­sion cooking provides culinary creativity at its best. By taking ingredients from across cultural boundaries and adding a personal flare, chefs today are able to create dishes that interpret classic Asian flavors with contempo­rary, personal cooking techniques. Whether you are a seasoned fusion diner, or just ready to take your tastebuds in a different direction, we welcome you to experience the New Fu­sion restaurants featured in this issue.


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