Asian Fusion’s Top Asian Cosmetic Brands

Asian Fusion’s Top

Asian Cosmetic Brands

by Lisa Crawford


With Fall here, many of our thoughts turn to our beauty regimen.  Cooler temperatures can often be tough when trying to stay attractive.  Here at Asian Fusion Magazine, we are making it our priority to ensure that you stay gorgeous and glamorous no matter the temperature or the weather.  Here are the top Asian brands that will keep your Fall both trendy and fabulous!

Holika Holika – This well-known Korean brand is great for those looking for a little sparkle in their life. Words like magical and radiance come to mind when you think of Holika Holika’s fun and fancy cosmetic line. One of our favorites is the Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner. This cool product is long lasting and water resistant, with a nice touch of twinkle, great for any occasion.


Naruko Boutique– This Taiwanese company has opened its doors in the US. And lucky for you, there is one New York City store in Brooklyn, for those of you looking to support this local boutique. One of our favorite products from Naruko is the Night Gellies; this amazing line of anti-aging skincare is the best accessory for you to have in your medicine cabinet. Not only will it reverse the signs of aging, it will make you feel like a brand-new you. The hydrating night gel cream even contains a unique fungus called Tremella fuciformis, that works as antioxidants to track,  moisturize and renew aging skin. Sounds good to us!


Sulwahsoo– This Korean herbal and medicinal brand has been popular since the 1970’s. Many of the company’s products are based upon the use of ginseng, like the Concentrated Ginseng Cream. This amazing product helps in the regeneration of skin cells to make your skin look younger than it ever has. Sulwahsoo has also cornered the make-up industry with their Ageless Complexion with SPF 30, the perfect way to cover your stunning face during the fall.


Innisfree – The Korean cosmetic brand, Innisfree has some amazing products in their line. The number one seller is the No Sebum Mineral Primer, a gel consistency that dries immediately and is perfect for oily skin. Another top seller is the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask; sure to clear up those problem areas and make your skin look and feel it’s absolute best. If you want your skin to be supple and vibrant, you have to try the Green Tea Seed Serum. It will moisturize and nourish your face and bring it back to life!


TonyMoly– The Filipino cosmetics brand, TonyMoly has some funky yet rejuvenating products that are a must try. And when we say funky, we are not kidding. For example, the TonyMoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack’s main ingredient is a tomato! This product has many uses, including brightening your face when used as a massage cream, and cleansing effect when being used as a pack. The soft massage cream delivers a hydrating and remarkably clarifying effect. You are going to love it!


Amore Pacific – The Korea-based company for skincare and beauty products has almost everything you could desire in their line. We love their Color Control Cushion Compact with SPF 50, which is perfect for those bright autumn days. From Moisture Bound Lip Treatment, which can treat even the most dry lips, to the luxurious Clarifying Masque, sure to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all year long, there is something at Amore Pacific for everyone!


SUQQU– This Japanese brand has the latest designer make up, nail polishes, and skincare products. The name is derived from the Japanese word “sukku” meaning “posture with attitude” and that is just what the brand stands for. They say their products are “born to enhance the natural journey of a woman’s complexion,” and looking at their awesome skincare line, we can see they mean business. Two stand out products are the Pore Purifying Effector and the Musculate Massage & Mask cream. Each product in their line will certainly make your complexion the best it can be.


My Beauty Diary– This Taiwanese beauty brand has cornered the market in face masks. And these aren’t your run of the mill masks, either. With flavors like Red Wine, Strawberry Yogurt and Japanese Cherry Blossom, My Beauty Diary has one that will fit your unique personality. Each mask is sure to alleviate tension, restore firmness, brighten and cleanse with each use. This product is ideal for the fun and functional beauty queen.


Skinfood – The popular Korean and Chinese skincare line, Skinfood, has been taking their nation by storm. With delectable sounding products, you may just want to taste these great elixirs. However, they are definitely more suited for exfoliating your face, so try not to be too tempted with names like Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask. Or, the very popular Black Sugar Mask, which will make your face unbelievably soft.


Kao Liese– The number one styling brand in Japan, Kao Liese, is known for their awesome bubble hair color. Their wide range of shades is what turns consumers heads and keeps their hair looking gorgeous and shiny. Kao Liese’s slogan, “Get evenly colored, smooth hair,” is a testament to their belief in their product. Whether you are looking for a Creamy Beige or a Raspberry Brown, Kao Liese has a color that will fit your personality. The bubble hair color now contains a honey moisturizing essence, which is sure to leave your hair hydrated and glossy all day long!