Asian Spotlight Online Photography Show Winner- Rob Ordonez


He is a fashion,glamour, life style, erotic and street photographer. He attended the Internacional Center of Photograpy in 2007 in New York City, where he graduate in Fashion and Street photography. Established local photographer with numerous succesful shows here in New York at Art Galleries such as Gallery U, Leslie-Lohman, Munch and at the LGBT Center. He has published 7 books with, and Published in magazines such as Time Out New York, Try State, Next. He is an icon and socialite in the LGBT community and most recently He has been observed within the fashion industry as an emerging fashionista. His bold fashion sencee has been recognize in the style section of The New York Times for 3 consecutive seasons,listed in the top 20 best dresed. He recently collaborate with Designers such as Geary Marcello, Foxxy Face and Jeweler Pearl Naidoo with photos for websites and look books. With ambitions and goals that will help him become the Photographer Star that he always dreams!