Aurelia Dagorn – Making the World Beautiful One City at a Time

By Ching Yu Lin

Actress, television host, model, make-up artist, and body/face painting artist, Aurelia Dagorn has traveled the world building experience and catching the aesthetic eyes of both Paris and New York. She is a graduate of the Make-Up Forever Academy in Paris. During her studies, Damien Dufresne, a well-respected French notable in the make-up scene, noted her talent, and with that praise, Aurelia began to work with him. She has worked for L’Oréal Paris, Les Galeries Lafayette, Fashion Week Paris, along with a variety of photo shoots, television shows, film, and theater covering a wide variety of topics such as fashion, beauty, and body/face painting.

While staying steadily employed in the glamorous world of television and film, she continued to work for her alma mater, Make Up Forever Paris, throughout her rise to fame. Her passion for make-up began as soon as she held her first lipstick, which she secretly “borrowed” from her mother. She instantly knew who and what she wanted to be. Since then, Aurelia has been fascinated by the fashion world and followed her dream to be part of it. This ambition has lead Aurelia from the comforts of Paris to New York. Coming to New York has been a new challenge for her, and she has brought her French sensibilities and fresh outlook to the Big Apple.

Currently, she works as a freelance make-up artist building her American reputation and already has a very busy schedule. Since she arrived in New York City, she has worked for numerous face-friendly media outlets such as magazines, commercials, music videos, films, shows, and fashion events. Always smiling, she is a positive person and enjoys this fast-paced life with a passion, so you can clearly see why she is so popular. Drawing inspiration from meeting new people, learning new cultures, and living in different ways, Aurelia wants to enrich the world with her art. Bubbling over with creativity, she constantly searches for and tests new concepts and techniques in make-up and ideas of beauty.

In her quest to learn, her open-mindedness compels her to travel around the world – a bit of wanderlust to stimulate her creativity. One of her most prized experiences recently has been her trip around Asia. She traveled from Thailand to China, stopping in Singapore and Malaysia along the way. Hong Kong has particularly kept her attention balancing a modernized way of life with traditional Chinese practices. Quoting Aurelia, “This is a beautiful and amazing city – the markets, the cultural activities, the night life, and the show of buildings’ lights make this city a magicical entertainment hub. Asian people are so nice and welcoming; Asian food is so tasty and healthy, I would definitely like to live there for a while to learn more about this interesting culture.”

A Parisian past – a New York minute, what’s next for Aurelia Dagorn in her global journey of growth? You can follow Aurelia on her journey @ http://www.aurelia-dagorn.blogspot.