Authentic Chinese Antique Furniture

Tealan offers an extensive collection of authentic Chinese Antique Furniture, from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Their selection of antique furniture is sourced from all over China – from Canton in the south to Mongolia in the north. Each piece of furniture is selected for its own unique characteristics. Armoires, cabinets, sideboards, tables and a variety of accent pieces make up the Tealan Chinese Antique Collection. Each unique piece of furniture is carefully restored by skilled craftsmen to bring it back to it’s former luster without losing the beautiful patina that has built up on the surface over the many years of it’s life. Chinese antique furniture transcends time and place, it is truly functional art.

Welcome to the Tealan Designer Gallery. The Designer Gallery is a collection of installations from the Interior Design community to help stimulate your creative ideas. These visuals offer a unique perspective on how to incorporate their antique treasures into a variety of interior settings, enhancing the aesthetics of any environment.

Classic Chinese design is ageless. Its forms are at home with the best of contemporary architecture and design, in part because they inspired many of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century, from Le Corbusier to Tadao Ando and I.M. Pei. The purity, sophistication, and depth of Chinese Antiques mount a constant challenge to the contemporary. The result is often a creative fusion of extraordinary brilliance, whether in the visual arts, architecture, or interior design.