Autumn Beauty Tips with Everlyn Ho

Autumn Beauty Tips with Everlyn Ho

by Sophia Hsu


As the days get shorter and the air becomes colder, say goodbye to that crunchy beach hair and those mermaid locks; say hello to apple cider, pumpkin spice, and cozy hats. Asian Fusion sits down with Everlyn Ho, skincare and beauty expert and director of La Peau Day Spa, to find out this autumn’s skincare tips and makeup trends.

Everlyn warns that whenever the seasons change, how you take care of your skin should change along with it. As summer’s humidity disappears into autumn’s crisp, dry air, make sure to pay special attention to how your skin retains moisture. Autumn skin can start losing that summer shine. To help guard against moisture loss, make sure to apply a deep moisture mask at least twice a week. Sheet masks have become very popular and cost effective. Wear one after cleansing your face while taking care of chores. Always make sure to drink plenty of water, especially first thing in the morning because while you were sleeping, you were losing moisture.


A major consequence of not maintaining the moisture balance in your skin as the seasons change is that your skin becomes more wrinkle-prone. Even though there are many factors to the increased visibility of wrinkles such as gravity and environment, La Peau offers effective treatments to help guard against both moisture imbalance and wrinkles. First, available at La Peau is the Dermal Shine Injection Therapy that uses hyaluronic acid to aid the skin in retaining moisture. The results from the shallow injections is glowing, plumped skin. Skin is visibly brighter and firmer. The hyaluronic acid remains in the epidermis creating a moisture barrier to help guard against the changing of seasons.


La Peau also offers Ultherapy. The ultheapy is basically a none-surgical face lift by Ultrasound energy instead sound waves. Ultrasound energy lifts and tightens skin naturally by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production in the deepest layers of skin. Your skin’s collagen production gets a jumpstart. Wrinkles melt away with the targeted ultrasound energy. The results are drastic changes in the appearance and depth of wrinkles, a more youthful decolletage, and a natural glow.


A nude makeup palette will complement that natural, youthful glow this autumn. Dewy, light makeup with a focus on simple yet bold brows are in this season. La Peau offers 6D Eyebrow Embroidery to fill in less than bold brows. Well-groomed eyebrows can make a huge difference when it comes to a visage, so pay plenty of attention to your eyebrows this autumn. A dewy, clean face, bright eyes, bold eyebrows, and a nude or muted red lip will be this season’s best accessories.


When choosing a red lipstick, however, make sure you select a red that works with your skintone. This autumn is less about high contrast makeup. Shades of red lipstick are generally categorized into orange-red, blue-red, and true red which is in between the two. Traditionally, orange-reds are recommended for warmer skintones and blue-reds for fairer complexions. You certainly do not have to follow tradition, but keep in mind, the higher contrast you afford your lips, the less attention on your eyes. For this autumn, though, Everlyn recommends choosing a red that is less intense for your skintone. Again, lips are not about popping this fall; the eyes and eyebrows are doing all of the popping this season.


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