Award-Winning Chinese Actress Dilireba Announced as Clarins Skincare Spokesperson

Partnering With the Brand to Promote Double Serum and its ‘Golden Standards’ For Youthful Skin

Prestige beauty brand Clarins announced the award-winning Chinese actress Dilireba as the brand’s new Asia-Pacific Skincare Spokesperson. The talented 27-year old woman will work closely with the brand to promote its anti-aging hero product, Double Serum, and will unveil Clarins’ Golden Standards for youthful skin.

 “I first learned about Clarins when I had just started my acting career, and my skin was not in good condition” said Dilireba. “A friend gave me a bottle of Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and I instantly noticed a difference on my skin after using the product only a couple of times. I have been loyal to Clarins since then and have always been committed to sharing the brand with others. With their Laboratories in Paris, Clarins has been pushing the boundaries of research and development to create the best natural formulas that are safe and highly effective, using plant extracts sourced from around the world. The brand is authentic, friendly and respectful of women – something I feel deeply connected to.”  

With a deep passion and talent for acting, Dilireba is known for her versatile portrayal of a variety of female characters. In 2018, she received the China TV Golden Eagle Award for the Audience’s Choice for Actress and the Most Popular Actress and was chosen by the audience as the first post 90s-born Golden Eagle Goddess.  Behind the glamour on screen lies a strong commitment to her own set of standards for work and life, demonstrated by her careful representation of each character and mindful attention to present her best self on screen. “To keep my skin glowing and luminous every day, I need natural yet effective skincare products. My absolute favorite anti-aging treatment is Double Serum. The pioneering formula combines natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to visibly reduce fine lines and promote radiance after just a few uses.”  

First formulated in 1985 and created after more than 30-years of anti-aging research and expertise, the iconic Clarins Double Serum has set four Clarins “Golden Standards for Youthful Skin”. Formulated with a “golden” ratio of oil and water which creates a lightweight texture easily absorbed into the skin, the serum contains “golden” active ingredients from 21 natural plant extracts. Its performance is made possible by a “golden” repair effect that addresses all visible signs of skin aging. Finally, the “golden” design of a double bottle packaging allows for a customized dosage according to skin needs and seasons.