Bann Thai

By Alexia Sorich

69-12 Austin St Forest Hills, NY 11375

718.544.9999 • 718.544.5908


Bann Thai restaurant is truly a hidden treasure; a quiet little getaway well-deserved among those who embellish ethnicity at its best along with a wonder of Authentic flavors. Though, considering the temporary economic turbulence we are currently experiencing, money becomes a delicate issue and such an escape holds a challenge of its own. But with a few of your friends, some adventure in your soul, twenty bucks in your pocket, and a sizzling appetite for harmonious flavors you will be able to rejoice in this great getaway. With portions plenty big enough to share, you will find yourself indulging in authentic Thai appetizers and entrees complemented with a sweet Thai beer. You will experience a chef who “keeps it real” and delivers a marvel of Thai and Asian-fused flavors filled with passion. You will truly taste the love in all the dishes. By magnifying a true essence of flavors and combining the customary spices with others you see authenticity exposed with recipes straight from grandma’s kitchen. For all who love culture, food and enjoying vast memories while relaxing in a divinely peaceful atmosphere with decor of marvelous gold embroidered prehistoric artifacts and hand-picked aesthetic silverware directly from Bangkok, this is the place for you.

A short ride on the E, F, R, V, and G train to 71st and Continental in Queens to 69-12 Austin Street in Forest Hills, you will be wrapped up in this great getaway experiencing a magical interface with true culture. A great start could be their Golden Curry puff appetizers; crispy puffs gold in color that melt in your mouth. Situated with chicken, onion, curry and potatoes, popping with substance, spice and flavor, this meal is then complemented with a sweat and sour tasting cucumber salad that will hydrate your palette.

For the next indulgence, try a fresh, spicy grilled beef salad. Yum Nuea is woven with sliced grilled beef, red onions, tomatoes, scallions, roasted chili and spicy lemon sauce. The beef is marinated lightly with tomatoes and holds the fresh taste of summer as the scallions and red onions pull the flavors from the beef giving substance and intense flavor to the broth while the spicy lemon sauce synchronizes this entree. For the main course, go for an authentic Pad Thai Shrimp – another light, yet full-flavored dish. With the aroma making your mouth water even before it’s placed on the table, you will coddle over the full range of spices, leading you into the first bite. The accent of the bean sprouts keeps the clean flavor as the crushed peanuts, which are cooked to excellence and create a buttery richness that soaks into the shrimp. Taking the first bite leaves the sauce to slowly seep into your taste buds creating heaven in one nibble. Continuing with hot tea and the deviously healthy sticky rice with Mango or the amazingly crafty Bann Thai Tiramisu leaves you in delight. Sharing laughter with friends as you escape your fast paced lifestyle, engaging in decor from Bangkok in your ambiance, you can make sure New York is still gleaming outside their windows.