Behind the scenes at a flight attendant training center

Behind the scenes at a flight attendant training center


A flight attendant participates in a recurrent water-landing door training at EVA Air’s sprawling training center, located outside of Taipei, Taiwan, on May 30, 2016.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special

Flight attendants must undergo rigorous training to work for any of the world’s big airlines. Most carriers have a dedicated facility where attendants go through their training regimen, both before joining an airline and then on an continuing basis to keep their skills current.

Today in the Sky contributor Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren got a behind-the-scenes look at one of those facilities for one of Asia’s top carrier’s: Taiwan-based EVA Air. Check out the photo gallery above to go along with Jeremy on his tour of EVA’s facility in Taoyuan near Taipei.

Scroll down for more photos from Jeremy. They include EVA Air’s “Hello Kitty” plane as well as a wide range of other interesting photos from around the globe.


EVA Air flight attendant trainee Jessica checks for obstacles outside of a Boeing 777 door safety trainer. The recently renovated facility houses several such trainers, with at least one for each aircraft in its fleet.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Specia


Heads barely visible, students ready themselves for a simulation inside a full-size Boeing 777 cabin simulator.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


The simulator can convincingly reproduce a variety of emergencies, from severe turbulence to, in today’s case, a restroom fire. Here, the trainee dons fire-fighting gear as she readies to practice putting the fire out.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


A trainee keeps a careful eye on her colleague while simulatenously appealing to passengers – fellow students, in this case – to stay calm as smoke from a restroom fire begins to fill the cabin simulator.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


Trainees reach for oxygen masks inside an EVA Air mock cabin simulator. Smokes snarls nostrils and vision alike further ahead in the cabin as fellow trainees work to put out a simulated cabin fire.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


Trainees practice emergency evacutions from a full-size, full-motion Boeing 777 cabin simulator at EVA Air’s training center near Taipei, Taiwan.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


Grace Yang, EVA Air’s Executive Vice President of Cabin Service, demonstrates putting out a live fire in a mock overhead luggage bin. The airline recently added the unusual live fire-training space, which can replicate controlled fires inside restrooms, seat backs, and luggage bins among other locations.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


EVA Air’s training facility contains several cabin service mock-ups, each with several rows of the same seats found on board the aircraft in EVA’s fleet.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


The mock-ups offer students extensive, realistic hands-on opportunities to practice everything from serving meals and preparing the cabin to customer service and interaction.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


An instructor keeps a watchful eye over a pair of flight attendant trainees, who are practicing pre-arrival cabin and galley prep.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


Students take notes as an instructor, out of frame, delivers a lesson on customer service.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


Students practice delivering meals inside a cabin mock-up.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special


An instructor and student enjoy a moment of levity during a meal service training.  Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Special