Beijing photographer in Italy – Cathy Du

 Beijing photographer in Italy, Cathy Du Brings out the feminine side of fashion photography.


 (By Joe Meny)

Cathy Du (MOYA FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY), is a fashion photographer from China, currently residing in Italy. She is a member of the China Photographers Union. Ms. Du has transferred herself to fashion photographer since three years ago. She has numerous collaborations with fashion magazines, mainstream fashion online platforms, and model agencies. Her work exudes elegance, beauty, and trends. Since moving to Italy, she quickly began working with several Italian model agencies. She has been interviewed by fashion magazines in both the United States and in Europe.

Cathy says since she left her native China, a land with spirits of ancient culture, she is happily living now in Italy, the fascinating center of arts in all of history. It’s her right time to experience a new life and for some introspection. She would like to integrate and organize her thoughts and inspirations that occur to her during her travels around Europe. During her tour of Europe, she is getting in contact with different circles of artists and photographers. She is also hoping to find acquaintances to work together with her to create interesting and unique photographs.

Cathy currently works all over the world shooting advertising photography, commercial catalogues, fashion model look books, and tailor-made portraits. She has a unique signature on applying oriental esthetics to demonstrate fashion.

She says: “No matter who you are, how old you are, what kind of job you have, photography can be your best life-long companion. There is a beauty of photography and image within each heart. If you have a will, you can pick up a camera anytime and anywhere, and just one click, to find a way to have a snapshot of the world in your eyes. One shot, one unique shot, could be forever.”

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