Belle Beauty Lab

By Peggy Lin

Every woman likes variety when it comes to shopping for beauty products. Whether you’re shopping for the newest mascara or face cream, Belle Beauty Lab has it all. Fragrance, make-up and skincare all in one place… a one-stop beauty shop.

If you’re looking for a new skin cleanser, Belle offers the amazing Clarisonic cleanser from Jurlique. With a unique vibrating brush, this cleanser is more effective than manual cleansing and efficiently removes makeup. Clarisonic improves skin tone and removes impurities, reduces the appearance of pores as well as helping you absorb Vitamin C after usage. It’s a hand-held cordless device that can be easily used anywhere. Jurlique is known for their all natural and high performance products, leaving your skin flawless.

Belle Beauty Lab also carries the well known brand LG, which is currently expanding in seventeen countries. The LG cosmetics line includes the Korean brand O HUI, offering both a skincare line and make-up line: White Extreme. With O HUI’s modern technology and science creating White Extreme, the line comes with an assortment of foams and creams for different types of skin, and make-up that enhances your beauty.

Paul & Joe is another fabulous cosmetic brand that you can discover at Belle. Paul & Joe is made for the stylish, savvy and confident woman who projects charm and compassion. The cosmetics convey the philosophy of Parisians enjoying life and of the designer for Paul & Joe, Sophie Mechaly. Paul & Joe cosmetics are of the highest quality, giving your skin a healthy and luminous look because they believe in hydration and moisture.

The next time you shop or search for new cosmetics, look no further than Belle Beauty Lab, conveniently located in the Queens Crossing Mall in Flushing.


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