by Sophia Hsu     Photos by Amit Chaffee


As I waded through the sea of tourists on Broadway and made my way to Broadway Market, I was excited to see Chef Chris Cheung again. I last interviewed him as the Executive Chef at SoHo’s Lair. Since then, Chef Chris has opened another establishment of his own, East Wind Snack Shop, collaborated with celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan on a new restaurant, Tansuo in Nashville, and opened an East Wind Snack Shop outpost in the hip and artsy Broadway Market. The stall looks like a castle or more accurately, the set of a castle from a middle school play. It is kind of adorable.

Since last Asian Fusion Magazine sat down and chatted with Chef Chris, he decided to take the plunge  and open his own shop again. He wanted to keep this new venture small, manageable, and close to home, so East Wind Snack Shop calls Windsor Terrace home. The menu is small and dynamic, but every detail from the ingredients to the cooking method is quality-assured. Superior quality meats and produce, made-from-scratch dough wrappers and dipping sauces, every dumpling made fresh same day, traditionally used aromatics and sauces, and a cook-to-order policy all conspire to create the best possible version of the dishes for every customer. Recommendation from Chef Chris: Consume the dumplings as soon as humanly possible to enjoy them at the pinnacle of flavor.


Keeping the quality of the dumplings to a high standard is especially important with the new stall at Broadway Market. Having just opened in July, the stall doles out the same amazing quality of dumplings just on a more limited menu. After having spent the last couple of years establishing the brand and the high standard of quality associated to the brand, Chef Chris made sure to include the customer favorites from the Brooklyn location such as the dry-aged beef and the juicy pork at the Manhattan outpost. Juicy bubble teas made with fresh fruit are a must at the market. East Wind Snack Shop has no tolerance for bubble teas made from powdered flavors, an inevitable side effect of having high standards of quality.

This autumn brings a cornucopia of new offerings,  new menu items, and new ideas. East Wind Snack Shop Brooklyn will begin to open on Sundays. To give a broader audience even more access to the delectables, plans are in the works to start offering delivery from the Brooklyn location because sometimes, you just need someone to deliver delicious dumplings straight to your door. The super popular chef’s special Shanghai vegetable dumplings that always manage to run out before all of the other dumplings will soon appear on the permanent menu. Other new releases this fall will include gluten-free ha gao (crystal shrimp dumplings), toasty shengjian bao (pan-fried buns), xiaolong bao (soup dumplings), possibly a vegetarian version, and a dessert dumpling made of glutinous rice, similar to Japanese mochi. For those traveling to Nashville, you can now enjoy lunch at Tansuo. To find out about chef’s specials, new menu items, and new locations, follow East Wind Snack Shop ( on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

CHEF EXCLUSIVE: East Wind Noodles opening soon in Brooklyn. Remember, you read it here first.