Buddhist Ritual Items & Symbols

Buddhism is one of the most established world religions that history has ever seen. Over the great expanse of time, it has quietly established its own set of symbolisms – symbols that are as old as time itself. This is only but natural with all the religions of the civilized world. And as such, many of these Buddhist religious symbols are considered recognizable icons of Buddhist Art and Tibetan Art. The more prominent symbols have entered the consciousness of the people from the Western world as well.

The thing about popular symbolisms is that many people know of its existence, and many people may even use it freely; but no one really knows how the said symbols came to existence and what the symbols initially meant.

Buddhist art symbols are quite rich in spiritual overtones, regardless of the fact that this religion has already given way to varying factions and sects. Some of these symbols have literally crossed boundaries; and so there are Buddhist religion symbols that share the design as Zen Buddhist symbols, but may have varying meanings or interpretations.