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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • NYC #1
  • Asian Lifestyle Magazine

Meet Ellen Wong from “The Carrie Diaries”

Meet Ellen Wong from “The Carrie Diaries” AF: What made you want to start acting? How did it start and did you have other career choices in mind? EW: I love being able to tell stories, and have always been fascinated by people and their experiences in life. After watching Kate Winslet in the film […]

Korean-American Actor Keong Sim has Big Plans

Korean-American Actor Keong Sim has Big Plans   AF: When did you discover a passion for acting? KS: My love of performing started with improv. I have such huge respect for those who do it well. It’s a long story, but after my college relationship ended, I started taking improv classes just to meet people. […]

British Chef Fuchsia Dunlop Makes Chinese Food Simple

British Chef Fuchsia Dunlop Makes Chinese Food Simple   (By Yao Ching Yang) Fuchsia Dunlop is a British chef who loves Chinese culture, speaks Mandarin, and specializes in Sichuan cuisine. Fuchsia was working as a sub-editor at the BBC, and by chance was assigned by to the Asia-Pacific desk, where she became fascinated by China. […]

Baohaus’ Eddie Huang

Interview with Baohaus’ Eddie Huang Fresh Baos Rocking the Culinary Boat Asian Fusion recently visited Eddie Huang’s critically acclaimed restaurant Baohaus, the Taiwanese street food that’s been ruling the New York City culinary scene since December 2009. The dish to order is the Chairman Bao, which has been winning the hearts of hardened NYC foodies. Once […]

TAVALON TEA founder – John-Paul Lee

Interview with TAVALON TEA founder – John-Paul Lee   On a chilly afternoon, our interview with John-Paul Lee started with a warm greeting and a strong handshake. John-Paul Lee, the founder of Tavalon Tea and a visionary entrepreneur, opened Tavalon Tea in 2005. His tea business idea wasn’t positively received at the time. He went on […]

Soulful R&B Singer – Bai Yu

Interview with Soulful R&B Singer – Bai Yu   AF: You recently came back from Canada. Can you tell us about the Art Child in Canada program you’re supporting? I actually found out about Art Child from a good friend of mine named Jewne who saw that the government was making cuts to the arts programs […]

Korean Model Im Wook Walking in 3-D

 Korean Model Im Wook Walking in 3-D Shirt: Leitmotive Bermuda shorts:  Angelos Frentzos Shoes: Frankie Morello   “Inspired by the third dimension, and thanks to the use of two red and blue lights that create a unique 3-D effect, giving it depth and thickness. The clothing, with its varied and unique prints, then seems to come […]

Edgy designer – Jade Chiu

 Edgy designer – Jade Chiu   (By Blythe Liu) Alchemic: Evocative body adornments with an Eastern zodiac obsession AF: When did you become a jewelery designer? JC: Before I came to New York, I was working in Silicon Valley. However, for me, New York is the place to make your dreams come true, if you have […]

A rondezvous with sassy model turned artist – Yilin Hsu

A rondezvous with sassy model turned artist – Yilin Hsu   (By Blythe Liu) AF: Could you provide us some of your background information? And how you entered the world of modeling, and have now become an artist? YH: When I was young, I was discovered by a teen magazine for a photo shoot, and […]

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