Sushi Modoki

By: Iina  It can be a bit of a challenge if you’re a vegan or vegetarian to know where to turn to when craving some sushi classics.  Recently published,... Read more »

LAST CHRISTMAS Not Just Your Average Holiday Movie

by Sophia Hsu / Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures Everyone seems to have one of two reactions upon hearing those first few synth beats and George Michael’s vocalization; they... Read more »

Signature Theatre Presents the New York Premiere of Cambodian Rock Band

Signature Theatre has announced that Lauren Yee will launch her Residency 5 in raucous fashion with Cambodian Rock Band, which has received the Harold and Mimi Steinberg New Play... Read more »

Cindy Trinh Showcases the Vibrancy of the World’s Chinatowns in “No Boundaries”

By Sophia HsuPhotos by Cindy Trinh Autumn in New York City is one of the almost nearly perfect times of year. The air is crisp. The heavy scents of... Read more »

PAPER POWER An Exhibit of Origami Art at MoMath

By Joe Meny New York’s first-ever exhibition on the math of origami–the Japanese art of paper folding – is currently at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). The Museum... Read more »


by Cindy Lau “A delight, Katsura Sunshineʼs Rakugo is funny and exciting. If youʼre looking for a good way to laugh and forget your troubles this is the show... Read more »

Korean Pop Culture Fans Take Over Downtown Los Angeles with Over 100,000 in Attendance at Kcon 2019 LA

By Asian Fusion Editorial Team KCON 2019 USA Wraps After Providing Unprecedented Access to K-Pop Stardom and Korean Pop Culture with Events in Los Angeles and New York KCON... Read more »

The Farewell

Review by Sophia HsuPhotos courtesy of “The Farewell” and “Based on an actual lie…” is now one of my favorite lead-in lines for a movie ever. There is... Read more »

Fighting The Winter Weight Gain

Article and Model: Trevor Franklin Photos: Jason T. Jaskot Wardrobe: Jed North, Nike If you guys are anything like Trevor Franklin and a majority of the population, keeping weight... Read more »

2019 15th Annual Taiwan Night with Mets

The 15th Annual Taiwan Heritage Event took place out at Citifield in Flushing on Saturday evening, September 7th under a beautiful pre-autumn sky. With several hundred Taiwanese attendees, an... Read more »