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  • Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • NYC #1
  • Asian Lifestyle Magazine

Quality that catches your eye—Eye Solutions

People often point out that poor vision runs in the family, but for Calvin, it’s the desire to treat other people’s poor vision that seems to run in his. Calvin’s brother is an optician, his wife is an optician, and he himself runs three optical stores, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, each called […]

10 Ways to Survive a Hot Summer

By Sophia Hsu   Beginning in mid-May, running through the end of August, New York City teems with tourists and college interns on their Summer vacation. The streets are filled with shoppers returning for a day of bargain hunting. Tourists and city dwellers alike should keep these 10 essentials in mind while you shop or […]

Technology You Can Smile about

By Baxley Aldworth The competition is becoming tougher and tougher. Smiles are becoming ever brighter and shinier. In recent years, the number of teeth whitening procedures has increased an incredible 300%! With so many people whitening their teeth today, it’s easy to get left behind. A teeth whitening procedure is not the only way to […]

Skinlosophy– LED Photo Rejuvenation: Creates Fresh Cells

By Mei-Yu Lee   You wouldn’t know that clear-faced Ellen Tseng, founder of Skinlosophy in Flushing, suffered blemishes in her thirties. Tseng recalls her many acne scars, and her resorting to many so-called famous dermatologists to solve her condition. But things became worse. Many of her friends could not recognize her when she returned to […]

The Mission of a Healer

By Mei-Yu Lee   My parents are devout Buddhists who often visit temples to pray for God to guide them throughout their life. Having grown up in this environment, I too believe that God will aid me whenever I’m lost. For that reason, the thought of visiting a fortu­neteller, a psychic reader, or anyone who […]

Drink Yourself to Good Heath—Ten Ren

By Stephanie Sakellarides One of the most famous soothing beverages that the US has inherited from Asia is green tea. Not only is green tea a tasty drink, it is proven to be a healthy choice for most coffee drinkers. Now, right here in New York City, one company called Ten Ren Tea and Ginseng […]

Speak with Your Smile Today!

Dr. Chih C. Chung graduated from New York University College of Dentistry and heads Hui An Dental Clinic—a state of the art dental office in Flushing, Queens. He received his certificate of Dental Implantology training from New York University College of Dentistry and is currently a Fellow of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. […]

Chinese Herbs Holistic Treatment

Chinese herbs are a truly holistic form of treatment, aiming at the whole body rather than just the symptoms. Chinese herbs are used to regulate the internal organs and the immune system by providing minute nutritional ingredients that are lacking from the average human diet. Each of the herbs has its own property, nature, flavor, […]

Stone Massage

Warm Stone Massage Hot stone massage is a unique experience to indulge in. A unique connection with nature, stone massage offers sensations that can’t be felt by regular massages. It’s a deep healing and unique moment that enhances our awareness and brings you closer to your true essence. It is the perfect treatment that is […]

Types of Spas In Thailand

The Destination Spa A spa whose sole purpose is to provide guests with lifestyle improvement and health enhancement through professionally administered spa services, physical fitness, educational programming, and on-site accommodations. Spa cuisine is served exclusively. The Resort/Hotel Spa A spa owned by and located within a resort or hotel property providing professionally administered spa services, […]

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