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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • NYC #1
  • Asian Lifestyle Magazine


GLAMOUR BEAUTY CLINIC by: Kiat-Sing Teo   A quiet spot in Flushing is no longer a myth once you know where to find it. Shielded from the madding crowd, and discreetly tucked in the shopping gallery of the stately Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, the haven that shatters the myth is Glamour Beauty Clinic. Its simple glass façade […]

20 SPAS TO RELAX AND GET – A Fresh Start For Spring

 20 SPAS TO RELAX AND GET A Fresh Start For Spring By Lisa Crawford   With a cold and snowy winter becoming a distant memory, make this Spring the season you treat yourself to a retreat to relax and get rejuvenated.  Lucky for you, Asian Fusion has found 20 of the best Asian spas in […]

Update and Refresh Your Skincare Routine with the Latest from Sulwhasoo

by Everlyn Hsu   Eastern medicinal herbs-based skincare brand Sulwhasoo focuses on traditional ingredients together with groundbreaking anti-aging technology to treat deep wrinkles and spots. The Microdeep Intensive Filling Cream and Patch ($195 at is a 30-day treatment that provides dramatic correction of smile lines, combining the principles of acupressure with innovative patch technology. […]

Forever Beauty is not a dream – Lapeau day spa

  Forever Beauty is not a dream – Lapeau day spa   (By Crystal Lin) Would you like to wake up looking as beautiful as you did the night before? Tired of applying your liner and lipstick each morning? Do you want to save time putting on make-up? Allergic to regular makeup? Have sparse hair or […]

La peau Day Spa

By Fon “Walking in feeling like a tired office- lady but leaving feeling like a pageant Queen” – this is that how I felt when I stepped out of La Peau Day Spa in Soho. A facial treatment. I couldn’t remember the last time I treated myself since all my time has been portioned out to “work”…and “more work”. However, La […]

The Retreat to Nirvana

By Baxley Aldworth In many spas, relaxation doesn’t start until the actual treatment begins. That’s fine, but that’s not the way things are done at Orient Retreat, where relaxation and service begin right when the customer walks through the door. “It’s not just about treatment, it’s about the whole experience,” says Felicia Zhang, the manager […]

Refresh & Rejuvenate at Element Beauty Lounge

By Dimitry Fayzi Nestled on a bustling East Village block, and conveniently located near St. Mark’s Place, we came across Element Beauty Lounge. Upon entering the spa, the first thing one notices is the exotic aroma from the mixed blend of lavender and rosemary. Throughout the spa, one will find flat screen TV’s, each playing […]

Orient Spa–Spa for relaxation and wellness

From North America to Taiwan Orient Retreat Spa brings wellness to life…. From Canada and the United States to Taiwan, Orient Retreat has been dedicated to the highest quality service and treatment since 1988, making us the leading international spa brand in the Asian community. Our customers enjoy the uniform qualities of impeccable equipment, globally standardized service procedures and the most popular and comfortable […]

Chinese Herbs Holistic Treatment

Chinese herbs are a truly holistic form of treatment, aiming at the whole body rather than just the symptoms. Chinese herbs are used to regulate the internal organs and the immune system by providing minute nutritional ingredients that are lacking from the average human diet. Each of the herbs has its own property, nature, flavor, […]

Stone Massage

Warm Stone Massage Hot stone massage is a unique experience to indulge in. A unique connection with nature, stone massage offers sensations that can’t be felt by regular massages. It’s a deep healing and unique moment that enhances our awareness and brings you closer to your true essence. It is the perfect treatment that is […]

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