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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • NYC #1
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Macau The City that Crosses Historical and Modern

Macau The City that Crosses Historical and Modern By Jenny Chen & Rick Lin / Photographs courtesy Macau Tourism   I have been to Las Vegas four times in my life and I love the scene in Las Vegas so much.  At first, I thought Macau would be the same since they have something in common: […]

Time to Marvel

Time to Marvel by Lisa Anne Crawford  If you are planning on taking a summer vacation, there is no better time to head to Taiwan. With all the amazing things to learn and see in this historic country, you won’t want to miss out!   Cultural Features Whether it’s pop music, literature, theatre, opera, or even […]

Top 10 Cities to visit in Asia in 2014

Top 10 Cities to visit in Asia in 2014 By Lisa Crawford   With each new year, many of us look to knock some travel items off our bucket list. And as the largest of the seven continents, Asia should be your #1 destination –but where should you go? Tokyo, Japan– As fast-paced as Tokyo […]

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